He’s Always Watching

It’s the weekend, but I’m in full work mode.

I used to think waking up at the crack of dawn on a weekend was horrid, but by 9:30 am, I had showered, dressed, and completed most of my work. For a little while anyways. I decided to go to the hardware store for a change of scenery, and some air.

I grabbed a blouse to throw on over my tank top, and hopped in my truck. I hadn’t worn this blouse in a very long time. It’s the most delightful fabric, like gauze really. I love the way it feels, and the rhinestones complimenting the embroidery.


It’s very delicate, so I made a mental note…Don’t get it dirty!

It’s a little fancy for the hardware store, because I always browse through the plant area, and of course I found a plant to bring home. Someone struck up a conversation, so I hoisted the plant onto my side, and enjoyed the social interaction.

All of a sudden, I felt dampness seeping through my tank top, and realized the potted plant was leaking water. The bottom of the container was dirty, so I had a nice muddy, wet spot on my tank. I panicked and looked at my blouse.

The blouse had safely moved out of the way before the container landed on my side. I paused a moment and thanked God for protecting my blouse.

He knows when I’m focused on work, and not mindful of my surroundings. I think a lot of times we look for God to move in a big way, or reveal an earth shattering revelation, which He will, but we’re tested in the small things first.

He protected my blouse from a stain that probably wouldn’t come out. That’s my kind of God. He’s always watching.


6 thoughts on “He’s Always Watching

  1. That is lovely colour, my wife would know the name but alas that is not my metier. I like that you walk your day with Him. Before bluetooth people must have thought I was talking to Harvey (the invisible rabbit from the James Stewart movie) but I was really having a talk with God.
    He must know how much you like that blouse. I enjoy reading your posts.- David (hug)


    1. Hahaha….Yes, pre-Bluetooth! Over the weekend, I read, “Before you get out of bed, I have already been working to prepare the path that will get you through this day.” Isn’t that sweet?! Thank you David.

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  2. I so agree. Sometimes it’s a little thing that happens but I know it came directly from God. Like an idea or an answer to something I have been wondering about. Then I smile and say “Thank you God”

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