Rise to It

Bella Donovan Hero. The name of the coffee in the featured photo. The photo has been on my desktop for a month as something to aspire to.

The man I work with lives in California. He usually sends an email while I sleep, outlining the day’s assignments. It’s customary to wake up and view the email to help plan my day, but Tuesday morning, there was no new email. I took it as a sign.

Take a day Barb. Just take a day.

And I did. How freeing to let a Tuesday unfold all on it’s own. Recently, I was reminded that before we even get out of bed, God already has our day planned. We can watch for treasures hidden throughout the day, but to do that, I needed to slow the pace.

My morning coffee was treated as an event. I broke open the seal of the box containing two glass cups along with bamboo coasters, purchased a week ago. Swiping this photo from the Bluebottle website, I noticed they are now unavailable.

Cafe Cup & Saucer for Two

They arrived over the weekend in a box that looked like an over sized jewelry box. I slid open the lid to take a peek. What I saw made me a little bit nervous. The cups looked so delicate, compared to the ceramic mugs we normally use.

The photo inspired me to drink coffee from something delicate, instead of durable.

They looked safe in the box, or I guess you could put them on display, but we don’t display items. Everything is to be used, and enjoyed in this house, but looking at these cups you could tell. They were designed to be a moment, even on a Tuesday.

Life is an occasion. We are designed to rise to it.


15 thoughts on “Rise to It

  1. I can’t get used to using the good china, and I use my cups and glasses that we have had for 40 years, I don’t even mind a chipped plate if it is small. Part of me tells me to stop saving but it’s a habit watching money for my life. Having said all that I applaud people who don’t wait to live their life, they don’t wait to travel, or to tell someone that they respect them. I just have to get myself used to doing that. I hope it happens.

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    1. When my daughter and I began our life together, I took the ‘good’ china with us. She asked, ‘What are we going to do with that?’ I said, ‘We’re going to use it as everyday china’, and we do.

      It’s nice to have a nest egg, but I don’t believe in saving things. They are meant to be enjoyed, because as you know David, we can’t take it with us. Thanks for sharing.

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