On My Own

My daughter is out of town this week.

I’m trying to take care of myself without her. She’s in charge of protein shakes, and I’m coffee. This morning I had to make the protein shake by using the Ninja, on my own.

The Ninja blender is the best blender I’ve ever used. You could drop in an iceberg, and it would emulsify it. I nearly sliced my finger off the first time I cleaned it, so it’s had my respect ever since!

But, I did it. I began my day with protein, and then moved onto Chemex. She’ll be proud.

My daughter reads instructions. I’m a dedicated instruction reader when it comes to putting things together, and how to properly use machinery, but somewhere along life’s journey I stopped.

When my daughter is here she makes the shake, and I clean the blender, but I know better than to get anywhere near it’s blades.

I thought I was so smart squirting dish-washing liquid in, filling it with warm water, and turning it back on, like making a shake, but with bubbles.

After it runs for a while, simply rinse it, take it apart, and let it dry.


My daughter said, “Yes ma’am. That’s how you’re supposed to clean it. I read it in the instructions.”

I need to go back to reading the instructions. 😀

5 thoughts on “On My Own

  1. I must get back to my protein shakes again I love them, so a good reminder and I also bought a good blender sometime ago especially for this. I am into making soups at the moment using a hand blender, I just cannot seem to digest a lot of food of late and the soups hit the spot. Take care with the blade so sharp this is why the blender is good. Bless you.


    1. We did the same thing. Bought a really good blender, and forgot to use it! I had to take it out of the pantry, and leave it in plain sight, so it gets my attention.

      I love the hand held blender! It’s called an emulsion blender here. I’m sorry you’re having digestive issues, but you know what to do. Thank you my friend. Bless you too.

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