To Do Better

I’m still going through, cleaning my archives. I’ve gone through 2014, 2015, 2016 and am on March 2017. I’ll share some thoughts once I’m done, but my best advice for now is…Don’t wait six years.

I took this meme out of an archived post to share with you. I went through a phase of using way to many memes in my posts. 😍


This morning called for a strong Chemex.

To have the Chemex, I had to tackle something new. Their square filter. I only have one regular filter left, but there’s an entire box of the square ones in the pantry. Why you might ask?

Because I never figured out how to use them.

This goes back to the whole ‘follow the instructions‘ thing. YouTube to the rescue.

The original Chemex filter is folded into a square. I always thought you had to unfold it to make it work. Now, there are some baristas who get really fancy with it, and refold it, but the Chemex is such a simple process, I knew this filter had to be simple as well.

It’s ridiculously simple.

You don’t unfold it at all. You simply separate the layers. Three layers on the spout, and one lays on the rest of the opening.


I’m not sure why I thought it was going to be difficult.

Maybe it’s like a lot of things in life. You don’t know until you know, but when we know better, we get to do better.

5 thoughts on “To Do Better

  1. I actually can’t remember there being any kind of Chemex filters other than square! (Did I once use round ones?) But yes, not complicated, as you found – more common sense. I also like the “natural” ones, though you’ll be happy to know the white ones are not bleached.
    Not for nothing? But it was the memes that first drew me to your site. Short and sweet goes a long way, especially when we’re in busy work periods. As anywhere, balance is good. 🙂

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    1. Yes, they designed a cone shaped filter that fits right in the opening of the Chemex, without any thinking. It still amazes me how simple the square one is to use.

      Thank you lovely. Yes, I’ve had a long time love for memes. I’m happy you found me. xx

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    1. A good many people our age don’t use them. Some of whom I’ve talked with say, “They make me feel ignorant”, or “I can figure this out on my own.” I tried that with this filter, and couldn’t make it work. I was obviously trying to hard. Plus, after nearly slicing my finger off with the Ninja, I believe they’re there for a reason. If nothing else than to protect us from ourselves. 🙂

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      1. Somethings are obvious on how to use them as they are similar to other kitchen equipment. Then there those which are a bit tricky. Getting the filter right is a good point it just does not filter or work unless you do. Not chopping your fingers is another one. I use water to cleanse it and rinse out residue. We have come from a long line of people who are used to being told what to do and it does not always resonate with us and we try to figure it out. Lots of fun either way blending soups, protein drinks and filtering coffee. It is a pleasure.

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