Putting It Off

I finished going through my archives.

I stopped at 2019, but will glance through those as well. Reading each post from 2014-2018 was like reliving Breast Cancer, and seeing how much I loved Mr. Smith, all over again.

It was worth going through twice.

I no longer cringe when people read my archives. I know what’s there, and am happy with the woman who emerged. Going through my archives is something I’ve put off doing for a long time.

I’m done putting things off.


It’s funny how they start off small.

Like, taking a shower. I can put something in front of that small task all day long, until I’m sitting here at night with no shower. Running the vacuum. Every time the sunlight hits the floor I see the dog hair, but continue on with my day.

I got my nose pierced. A small thing I’ve been putting off.

Doing the big things, but ignoring the small ones. It’s time to spend the next 30 days cultivating self trust. When a small thing needs to be done, I’ll just do it, and write it down once it’s complete. Instead of a ‘to-do list’, it will be a ‘done’ list.

No more putting it off.


10 thoughts on “Putting It Off

    1. Right? It’s working fabulously!

      It’s about not letting the thought pass you by. I’ve already written 5 things ‘done’ by noon, and they recommend 10 per day as the max. Otherwise you fall into busyness.

      It’s helping me see how good I became at putting things off. Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Going through the past like you have is like reliving the time over again. A good form of releasing and accepting looking back. You have nothing to hide and it was part of life and growing. You have become a classical woman with much style bringing out the real you. Dog hairs in my case cat hairs, I love my girls and it is not important, they are, their happiness is. Nothing is so important anymore. Bless you.

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