Finding That Balance

For brunch, I chose a different chair to sit in at the dining room table. One I don’t normally use. Still disrupting patterns.

This dining room chair offered a spectacular view of the front yard. A warm breeze was blowing, and I noticed the Whirligig, with it’s one side spinning. It’s double-sided, but only one side of it spins. The other side stands still.

My daughter reminded me that the Whirligig fell over in the yard once, so it must be bent. I’ve tried fixing it, to help it spin to no avail, so today I took a more gentle approach, to observe.


I didn’t see anything majorly bent, but it was off balance.

I saw it as two sides of life. Sometimes it’s moving rapidly and spinning freely, and other times if feels as if nothing is happening, and it’s still. I studied one side, and the other, then noticed this difference. The side that spins freely, has some extra space.

Where one set of circles end, and another set begins, there’s a gap. I put some space between the circles on the non-spinning side by gently separating the ends. It began rocking back, and forth, like it could finally breathe and find it’s balance.

Putting space between our thoughts, creates pause between our actions. There’s a balance. If we move too quickly after the thought, it’s an impulsive move. If we keep putting it off, it can fall into procrastination, or soon be forgotten altogether.

I’m using the self trust cultivator to move more promptly with my thoughts. If it seems like a good idea, or something that can easily be accomplished, I do it and it becomes a part of the done list.


But I had to create space first. Up next, creating that space.


20 thoughts on “Finding That Balance

  1. I like your philosophy of if it seems like a good idea and can be easily accomplished, do it and check it off the list. Also, creating space to achieve balance…brilliant! πŸ’•

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    1. It’s a work in progress. I’m used to have a weekly list of to-do’s, and that gets broken down into a daily list. Now, I know what needs to be done, so I do it and write it down. I enjoy looking at a ‘done’ list, instead of the to-do list looking at me. Kind of takes it’s power away. πŸ™‚ Thank you darling. ❀

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      1. Right? The to-do list seemed to just follow me day to day. Some things would get checked off, but it got to the point where I dreaded looking at it. Cultivating self trust I get about 5 things written each day on the done list. ❀

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  2. Your observation skills and how you pertain it to life, are truly amazing. Pinning this to “things that make you go hmmm …”


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      1. I have never seen anything like that before and it’s the first I have heard the name Whirligig.
        I am fascinated just by the picture. I couldn’t help but stare.

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    1. That’s exciting. I’m slowly defining patterns that no longer serve a wholesome purpose. Once those are released, I can add new, healthy habits, one at a time. Thank you for stopping by and your share! ❀

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