To Be Free

The time has come for a WordPress hiatus.

I’ve felt it gnawing at me for a while, but this week it became crystal clear. I’m determined to keep the portions on my plate in balance, and there’s new opportunity just over the horizon.

It’s been challenging to keep my plate clean, because I’m a doer, but I want to give God plenty of room to move. There are times when we don’t see Him move in our lives, and wonder where He is. Even God needs room.

I’ve been thinking about the Taylor Swift documentary I watched earlier this year. There was this one thing she spoke about that jumped out at me, and it’s still on my mind.

In 2016, she took a year off.

Just disappeared from the public eye for one year.

To me, that sounds like freedom.


In a card for my birthday last October, my daughter wrote, ‘This is your year!’, and she’s right, but there’s so much more I want to experience, and accomplish. I hope she writes that in every birthday card from here on out.

After going through my archives, I thought I’d be rejuvenated about Blogging, but instead, there’s a relief in it. There’s no pressure to Blog everyday, or every week for that matter. Now I know, I went through them to be happily satisfied with what’s here, leading up to this day.

Thank you for walking alongside me on this path, but it’s time to step over to a new one. There’s so much freedom in letting go, especially with people, places and things you love. I wish for you to receive every bit of goodness God has in store. May you learn what it feels like in your bones, to be free.


12 thoughts on “To Be Free

  1. Barbara, whatever road life takes you on, I wish you all the best! You have been an amazing inspiration to me and so many times, I feel like we are on a similar path because your posts speak to me … including this one. xoxo

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  2. Good for you, and may you enjoy and find fulfillment and happiness in however long you take off from blogging – be it a year, be it more or less. We all do need change from time to time and space to breathe deeply. I get it. Take good care … Jeanne

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  3. I want to thank you for putting your heart, soul and wisdom into this blog. I know that countless people have benefited, myself included. You have been an inspiration and a guide to me and I am grateful that we had a chance to connect in this crazy, beautiful world of words and love. I wish you nothing but the best on your new journey, darling.😘💕🙏🦋

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