A Good Night’s Sleep

That has been a mission of mine all year. What would it feel like to just drift off to sleep? It hasn’t happened since childhood.

Photo by Eirik Skarstein on Unsplash

I’ve been working from home for almost 10 years, but this year there are more people than ever working from home. For me, it was by choice, so I could home-school my daughter, and generate income. It’s been a huge blessing for us, but maybe you’re wondering if it’s a blessing, or a curse.

One of the most important things you can do for you and your family is get a good night’s sleep. Trust me on this.

I dedicated the entire month of August to finding a good night’s sleep. It began by looking at what I was doing presently because obviously that was not working! Each person is unique and maybe you think you’ve tried everything to fall asleep. Stop trying.

The body knows how to drift off to asleep.


Little by little I began taking things away that came naturally to me. Working late at night was an interesting find. That was first to go and the hardest to resist. Just last-night a notification came in on my phone from a coworker with a question. I could feel her frantic vibe and my reflex pattern was to help.

​My first mistake was reading the email at 10:30 pm, because I could feel my mind click over to work mode. I paused and reminded myself of past experiences. There is nothing work related happening at night that cannot wait till the next day and given a bit of time, it’ll probably sort itself out.

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Turning the phone to silent, I laid it face down on the table and walked away. Working from home doesn’t mean work takes up residence in the home. Set a time to stop working, and refuse to look if any comes in, so the brain has time to relax. Our bodies know when it’s time for sleep, but do we?

Thank you for spending time here today. There’s more to unfold of my journey to a good night’s sleep.

Here’s the rest of the mini-series.

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16 thoughts on “A Good Night’s Sleep

  1. I read lots of recommendations about how to get to sleep. Thankfully, this has never been. problem for me, but I also realized that I already do/have always done what’s being recommended – shut down the computer around 6-7 and let it be done; no more online stuff unless really important – and personal; the light from screens (iPads, phones, etc. is agitating to the brain – let it go: TV can help to unwind, but no TV in the bedroom, and never, never watch the news before you go to bed. All you do is take violence into your dream state. It may be a discipline for some to change, but it gets easier as you give the gift of relaxation to yourself. Sorry to go on and on … hope it helps!

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  2. I’ve always been blessed with good sleep. In fact, I now wonder why I haven’t ever written about it. One thing for sure, placing a “do not disturb” rule on you phone doesn’t hurt! I won’t clutter your comment section with more personal advice on sleeping, but maybe I’ll blog about it in the near future. Looking forward to reading more about your progress in that area, Barb.

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      1. I’d love to, Barb. I was in need of a topic for my blog that I know something about. I’d like to refer to your post as the inspiration if you don’t mind. Have a great night (and sleep!)

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  3. This is good to keep a strict control over work it can encroach far too much into our lives. I have an odd sleep pattern especially where I live and being woken far too early and not from choice and as soon as I move it triggers my fur babies into action thinking it is breakfast time and it is not. This means I usually return to sleep after the interruptions for another couple of hours or so. I praise God when I manage to sleep through the interruptions but one baby becomes so distressed with it all. Sleep a long block of sleep is so good to the whole being. Well done Barb.

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    1. It’s not fun to be startled awake from outside circumstances, but I’m glad you can drift back off. My fur babies are the same way, but if I calmly walk through the house, in the dark, and don’t make eye contact, they know it’s not time to start the day. Thank you Nanette. ❤

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      1. My health has been such that I have had to allow them to look after me there was nobody else to help me. They are my healers and sense everything about me, they know I need to rest before I do. Otherwise I agree they cannot rule the home.

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  4. Looking forward to reading more. I’ve had a string of nights lately where I’ve had horrible sleep and I’m exhausted all day. So frustrating. 💕

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    1. Awesome. Yes ma’am, I have been there, and can still easily do things that cause an awful night’s sleep. Now that I’ve drifted off to sleep peacefully, I wanna stay in that camp! Hopefully you can pick up some tools with this mini series to put in your belt. 🙂

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  5. Oh how true this is. I can tell a world of difference in my day when I have gotten a good night’s sleep the night before. I feel like I can conquer the world!!!! lol.

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