Mama Knew Best

Harnessing a good night’s sleep became a priority. I took it for granted by assuming going to bed meant sleep.

One night I was watching a show on my laptop in bed. An advertisement came on of an ‘All Natural Sleep Aid’, and it was safe for children. I thought how fitting being advertised here, but we probably wouldn’t need it if it wasn’t for online viewing. The sad part is they targeted children.

How not to get a good night’s sleep. Photo by Ludovic Toinel on Unsplash

Growing up, I never viewed TV in the bedroom. It was a family affair where we all sat in the den and watched something together. It was a big night if we got popcorn and could sit with our drinks in the den. There was only one TV, in black and white, with no remote. (Telling my age) It was literally a box with legs sitting in the room’s corner.

Mama turned it off at a certain time for all 4 of us to get ready for bed, but I knew Twilight Zone came on at 11:00 pm. That was the scariest show on TV in my day, which is lame compared to now. After everyone had gone to bed and the house was still, I tip-toed into the den in time for Twilight Zone and clicked on the TV.

I sat on the floor as close to the TV as I could get, to keep the volume low, but still hear it. You’ve probably already guessed; I didn’t get away with this. Mama got up to check that we were asleep and saw the glow of the TV screen. I don’t know which was worse, getting caught by Mama, or being scared shitless by watching The Twilight Zone at a young, impressionable age.

It’s hard for me to watch scary or intense shows before bed, so I choose a calm one. It helps to stop watching shows in bed altogether. If there’s something I want to watch, I sit in the den, or at the kitchen table to enjoy, but I’m mindful to shut it down at a reasonable hour. I want my bedroom to be a haven for sleep. It loses that peaceful aura when I walk in with a laptop.

Our Munchkin cat ‘Chombus’ has no problem sleeping on my daughter’s bed.

This is just one of the many instances in my life where once again, Mama knew best.

This is Part Three of how I achieved a good night sleep. Part One is A Good Night’s Sleep, Part Two is Know Your Flow.

12 thoughts on “Mama Knew Best

  1. The Twilight Zone was so scary! You must be pretty close to my age. I can’t watch any kind of violence anymore no matter the time of day. I especially can’t watch any sort of news – it is the worst and most stressful thing on TV. I love my HGTV and anything that makes me laugh.


  2. I moved my TV out of my bedroom years back when I found I was a zombie at 1am, needing to get up at 6am. Also that blue light from TV/Computer keeps your brain active. I can’t watch anything negative or overly violent or dramatic. Growing up we had a large black and white TV in the basement. We’d go downstairs Saturday morning to watch Heckle and Jeckel cartoons. Getting a good nights sleep is so important to me. I’ve made my bedroom a place of deep luxury and relaxation. Sounds like you have done the same. Thanks for the lovely post! Patty

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  3. I’m enjoying this series of posts, great perspective on sleep (or the lack thereof). It addresses so many things I’ve thought about over the years, even “The Twilight Zone”, which caused me more than one sleepless night as a kid. I finished my draft regarding my own thoughts on sleep before I read this one, but I’m going to post it anyway. Thanks again, Barb!

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    1. Thank you Des. You encourage me to continue on with this series. You know I’m going to pick apart every piece. I’m excited to read what you wrote and am heading that direction right now. 🙂


    1. Hey LA. I always knew you’re one smart chick. Do you find reading the iPad at night strains your eyes? Just curious. I have an old Kindle but cannot use it for night time reading. Thank God for actual books! ❤

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  4. I am smiling here as my growing up was the same, black and white box, we had treats and the weekend and watched special shows. No TV in the bedroom at all. As time moved on and life became difficult I found I watched a small TV in my bedroom and started to notice that even the red glow of the on/off button annoyed me and the emissions from the button and TV were upsetting my sleep. At night I put my laptop away in my desk draw so not tempted to work on this. A bedroom is a place of peace for the mind, body and soul. Your mother was definitely a wise woman. I am unable to watch horror movies and series before I sleep and even during the day it upsets me the energy does. Bless you.

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    1. Aw…Nanette. I’m glad this brought a smile to your face. It sounds like we had similar upbringings! I can relate my friend, because in the past, I’ve had TV’s in the bedroom too.

      I know people who fall asleep watching the news. That is the scariest show of all! 🙂

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