Set the stage

I don’t have a set time to go to bed. Knowing how many hours sleep is needed, the earlier I go to bed, the earlier I wake up. If I stay up late, I wake up later than usual, but that’s okay at the end of the week. I prepare my bedroom first thing in the morning for evening, by making my bed and removing all evidence I was there. When I walk in later in the day for sleep it feels inviting, restorative and pleasing to the eye.

The sheets are changed once a week, or every two weeks, depending on the week. Invest in yourself by owning good sheets and pillows. Think of sheets as your favorite shirt you can wear all day long, without even noticing it’s there. It feels that good to your skin, like your skin really vibes with the fabric it’s made from. Sheets should feel good to your skin. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious the feel.

These are my favorite at the moment.

Sheets are an item I need to walk into a store for. No shopping online for these, but I’m the same way with my shirts. If I see a set that appeals to me, I unzip the bag to feel them. I don’t pull them out of the bag, just a touch is enough. They can be expensive, but on sale is a sweet find. The true test is wrapping myself up in them. Once purchased, I take them home to wash them in perfumed wash and place them on the bed to in hopes they add quality to my sleep. The smell and feel is a win.

The bed is my main piece of furniture in the room, but here’s a table on each side of the bed holding some of my favorite things. It’s not a workout room, storage room, or an office. It’s designed for sleep. There’s a vintage vanity chair at the foot of the bed to sit and put my shoes on before leaving the house. Sitting on the bed, messes up the bed! 🙂

I’m single, so I get away with as much bling as I want. My bedroom isn’t girly by any means, but there are feminine touches. Pillows and blankets add a cozy feel. For color, I stuck with the classics: white, silver and gold, but any item with bling fits the room.

Vintage Vanity Chair. Voluspa mercury glass candle nestled in a Bath and Body Works Coaster. Backdrop-My favorite custom drapes made 15 years ago.

I go in and light a Voluspa candle 30 minutes before bed.

This little chair made it’s debut in a post written in February of this year. That weekend I went to a local vintage shoppe and found some pieces for my room, so even back in February I was staging for better sleep. At the end of that post, I admitted drinking Bluebottle Cold Brew and it was late in the day. This journey revealed I cannot do that and sleep. You can read the post here, and see more bedroom items purchased that day.

The final thing that helps me drift off to sleep is a nighttime tea. When this finding sleep experiment began in August, I tried lots of teas, but always came back to this one. It’s affordable and can steep for up to 15 minutes, so by the time it’s done steeping, it’s the right temperature to drink and enjoy. Another good one is Jetlag PM, by Tealeaves, but it’s more of an investment.

Pukka Tea

This concludes our little series. Thank you for following alongside me, and here’s a recap of what was brought to light:

The journey begins to a good night’s sleep. Next up was Know Your Flow. I stopped drinking coffee by noon. Then Mama Knew Best showed us that it matters what you watch before bed. Determine how much sleep you need and go to bed in time to get it, but don’t overdo One More Minute. When you wake up in the morning, sit up in bed to prevent falling back to sleep.

Thank you for your love, kind comments and support. ~ Barb.

9 thoughts on “Set the stage

  1. Ah, you’ve really created a sanctuary for yourself. A place that is a treat to retreat to at the end of the day… this is so beautiful and good! 💕

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    1. Yes lovely. I think it’s always been that way for me. I’ve had large bedrooms on a much grander scale than now, but even thinking of my next house, I want the smaller bedroom. The master bedroom will be available for guests. ❤

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  2. I love the thought of bedroom bling! But this post caused me to wonder whether I have the capability to discern the difference between a sheet with high or low thread count? You’ve obviously given a lot of thought to your surroundings and your daily routine, making me think I could pay more attention to mine. I remember you buying that cute little chair that looks like it has eyes and I’m having a hard time not seeing them now. And yes, those custom drapes are pretty cool! Good post and good series, Barb!

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    1. Thank you Des. The men who have walked through my life have always been very tolerant of my Bling. Some even contributed it. 🙂

      The thread count is written on the package you buy. They start at 200 thread count, and 400 to 800 feels good, but I think the ones I use now are 1200 or 1500 thread count, not sure. Paying attention to every detail is important in my world. Thanks for sharing Des! The chair has it’s eyes on you. 🙂

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  3. Cammomile tea, which is a supermarkets own brand. But Pukka that you share in this post I love too and better than the chamomile I drink.

    My bling is my new bed I bought at the beginning of the year. Chrome shiny silver frame with shiny stones in the top of the head part of the bed.
    I am still happy with this bed and mattress when I downsized to a single bed.
    The important part was as well as a bit of bling, that my mattress was a brand I trusted, that I knew would be better than my previous. Its not disappointed me and certainly better sleep.

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      1. I knew I boobed with my last bed after months in, finding the mattress was not good as first impressions. I swayed away from a brand mattress I trusted, by buying something cheaper. By then it was late to return the mattress, so bought a mattress topper, which helped. But when I wanted to downsize, I thought that’s it, I want a bed with bling and definitely having a mattress I trust.
        Now my bedroom is finally painted since being here, it’s even better.

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      2. That’s so great Liz. It’s it funny how we tend to pay less for something, and wind up adding money to it to make it better? Just stick with the brand you trust is the better bet. Around Christmas is a good time to buy a mattress because they want the showroom empty for the new year of mattresses. My bed doesn’t have a headboard at the moment, but a blingy one is worth considering! I’m glad you have a bedroom you love. ❤

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