One More Time

The most gratifying part of Blogging is the readers.

You never know who you’re gong to reach, or who your words will touch. The phrase, “I’m just gonna write in hopes that someone needs to read it”, has served me well. The good night’s sleep series was fun to write, but my reward was you reading it. You encouraged me with your comments to continue the path.

To just write about it one more time.

This wasn’t a planned series. What began as an experiment in August to find out why I wasn’t sleeping good was fun to share. So, I started with the main one being a good night’s sleep, and then you nudged me on toward the next one, until there were five!

A lot of you could relate to watching TV before bed, and there were a few that recalled those early days of the Twilight Zone. The original Twilight Zone, in black and white from the early 60’s, still haunts us. Maybe there was an episode entitled, ‘2020’ that never aired because it was too unbelievable. 🙂

Photo by Shelby Miller on Unsplash

What truly thrills my soul is when you become inspired. You read something and feel a spark, and then you fan it until it grows into a flame to light the page. That is what happened with one of my Reader’s, and here’s part of his comment, “I’ve always been blessed with good sleep. In fact, I now wonder why I haven’t ever written about it. One thing for sure, placing a “do not disturb” rule on you phone doesn’t hurt!”~ Des from Think Ahead.

I don’t know many people who sleep good, so I encouraged him to teach us his ways by writing about it, and he did.

You can read Des’ Blog post entitled, Thankful For Every Good Night’s Sleep, here. Our list of sleep snatchers are similar, but Des showed me it really comes down to being thankful for every good sleep. It won’t be perfect and it doesn’t happen every night, but by doing what’s best to ensure it, it happens one more time.

8 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. I have to go back and read your posts, but did read Des’ and I have been on that quest for what seems like forever and don’t drink coffee within 9-10 hours of going to bed and the biggest culprit is turning the head off! Making my list daily and getting through it all, helps tremendously at the end of the day. I have tried every thing out there and now using essential oils. I am on a pretty good roll! Also, like Des, 6.5 hours is good for me! 7-8 is a bonus. xoxo

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  2. “I’m just gonna write in hopes that someone needs to read it.”

    Loved this. I think I operate on the same principle too, and that has helped me keep writing through the tougher times when all I want to do is just watch Netflix all day. Keep on keeping on, and keep inspiring!

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  3. Your first sentence says it all, Barb, the readers really do make it all worthwhile! Your posts on sleep really were inspiring to me, someone who likes to brag about being such a great sleeper. I hope you are sleeping even better now that you’ve shared your story with us. I’m honored, and really appreciate the mention and link to my page. Thanks Barb, and please give us an update in the near future! Des

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