Breathe It In

Collette left a comment on The Beach Rug, “Maybe I should start being more intentional about the little fantasy that has danced around the back of my mind most of my life.” Right on darling.

That is why I began the simple habit of walking to the end of the street everyday. To become more intentional. It’s so simple I was sure I could do it without fail. The only time I didn’t accomplish it was when I ran out of day. Other tasks were placed before it, but then I had a revelation. Take the time limit off it Barb!

I have all day to walk to the end of the street. It doesn’t have to be any certain time. It’s the same with dreams and goals. Take the time limit off yourself, but do one thing toward it consistently.

I intentionally make my bed every morning. This morning, I noticed a little black book sitting on the bedside table. I’ve had ideas toward my daydream, but realized I’ve written them down in various places. This notebook hasn’t been used much and still has plenty of blank pages inside, so I gathered up all my notes and wrote them in the little book. Keep your ideas together.

Keep your dream close to your heart and don’t tell everyone. I’ve told 4 people and 2 of them gave me an odd look, but the other two who know me well are supportive. Be careful who you confide in. Some will try and talk you out of your dream.

You need to trust your crazy ideas.

After making my bed and dusting off the notebook I remembered a candle I saw a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea why I thought of this candle, (like I need one more candle), but felt led to follow the path. I grabbed my keys and drove to where I saw it. The candle was all soy and smelled divine is all I remembered.

When I walked into the shoppe, I didn’t see the display. A sales lady asked if she could help, so I told her what I knew about the candle. She lead me over to the display, which had been moved since my last visit. There were half a dozen fragrances and one of each on display, so I picked one up to smell it.

Ella B. Candles

I had no idea this was their label, but it coincides with the notebook. God knows the dream in your heart and wants to encourage us to walk the path of uncertainty. He’ll lay things right in front of us like the notebook and a candle always gets my attention. I brought one home, lit it and breathed it in.

The dream never leaves the heart, it just gets covered up with life, but it’s trying to get your attention. It can evolve over time, but every part of your life has prepared you for your purpose.

Light it up darling and once it’s lit, breathe it in.


14 thoughts on “Breathe It In

  1. Like you, I walk every day (always early morning though). I like your idea of jotting down your dreams, or your goals. Even better in a special notebook. And of not telling everyone. Lots of good ideas in this post.

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    1. Walking is a wonderful activity to engage in for many reasons. It clears my mind and gets me intune with nature. The weather here in Texas is cooling off, so I can walk anytime of day now and sometimes several times a day.

      It helps to keep the ideas in one place, otherwise they become scattered. Keeping them to yourself is also beneficial. I don’t believe I’ve ever reached a goal or dream by confiding in a lot of people. Nobody else can relate to your dream and it normally sounds far-fetched to them. That’s why is yours.

      Thank you Des as always for your kind words. Your support means a lot!

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    1. It got my attention. Yes, my daughter and I love French motif as well. Since this post was published, I’ve had even more clarity toward the daydream and it’s exciting. I’m happy it drew you in and hope you found a nugget to feed your dreams. xx

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  2. Ok now I’m really inspired. You’ve got me thinking about intentionality and how important it is. Also, being open to signs and following them. Thank you for the mention, and the inspiration. Setting the intention now to be more intentional. And I want that candle! 💕✨

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    1. Thank you darling for letting me use your quote without asking! 🙂 Yes, paying attention and watching for signs. They’re always there, but easy to miss if we’re distracted by what’s happening around us, instead of in front of us. One of my favorite prayers is, “Okay God…Show me again!”

      Lord yes! That candle!!! ❤

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  3. This is so perfect and so true. I do not (nor do I think you) believe in coincidences. When I saw that bee on the candle, I knew you were getting a green light. Go for your dreams, and thanks for the good words and encouragement for all of us doing the same.

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