Self Care Sunday

I texted my daughter, “When you walk out of Whole Foods with a French baguette, hearts of Romaine, and Stumptown Chocolate cold brew?” She replied, “Sounds like self-care to me!”

Sunday feels like an appropriate day for self care as it was planned to be. My work doesn’t offer much time off on Sunday, so I’ve been watching for windows of time on Monday or Wednesday. Have to admit though, Self Care Monday doesn’t sound the same! 

Writing is a form of self care because if I see an hour of sacred space opening up, I’m gonna write. I wait for it and start typing. For me, it’s not about finding the time to write, it’s about finding the sacred space. We will make time for what’s important, and writing is like breathing to me. It hasn’t always been that way, but it became that way after clicking publish 100’s of times.

A good gauge for selfcare is my neighbor. The more often I can walk over and spend time with him, the better. If I don’t see him all week, it’s time to look at my week. Sitting with him on his front porch, he took one look at his dog and said, “I’m taking an hour this week just for me.” He gives a lotta love to dogs and they are spoiled, but he knows he needs some time without them.

I was happy to hear him say that.

He knows taking time for himself, even for an hour, will make him a better person to be around. Maybe we can’t take a full day and call it Selfcare Sunday, but we can carve out some time for ourselves when it’s important, and I believe it’s vital.

There are seven days in the week to choose from, so pick one. Name it and claim it as your very own self care Sunday.


  1. gr8ful_collette says:

    The more you get to know yourself the more in tune you are to when your batteries need charging. I can’t do days , but I steal hours here and there to write, read a book, do yoga, or take a lavender bubble bath. It makes all the difference. 💕

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      It’s difficult to take an entire day, but I’ll take an hour or a morning. All these things that we think need out immediate attention will wait. They’re not going anywhere without us. Yes darling, it makes all the difference. ❤

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  2. Ah when I saw the Romaine, Cold Chocolate, French Baguette it sounded like a special kind of day. It is important to give yourself time to be you. Like you say even if it is an hour. You are right impossible to work or do household chores you have to stop and just be. Bless you

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      It was a good day. That store stopped carrying Stumptown Chocolate Brew, so I rarely go anymore. Everyday is special. Thank you Nanette. Many blessings to you my friend. xx

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      1. Everyday is special I state this is my daily prayers.

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  3. Self care is so important. I never used to stop I was always on the go now I make so I have one day (it’s not always a Sunday) to do me x

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      A day is great, or even an hour on the days you see it opening up. We can only ‘go’ for so long. Thank you for sharing. xx

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  4. That bit of space is so important. Im finding it hard to find at the moment but need to prioritize it again.

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      Yes lovely. Taking care of you makes doing everything else much smoother. You are a priority. Thank you for sharing. xx


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