Leaving the Throne

Leaving the Throne

It was one year ago I saw her post with a picture of the ragged bible and went looking for my Bible. It was sitting on a shelf of books collecting dust, but it had a cover on it which I wrote about here. This year, I took the protective cover off in hopes that it would begin to look used. Let’s just say it’s been a process.

When I brought it down from the shelf, I laid it on the windowsill and I picked it up every now and then to read. It got moved from the windowsill to the bedside table. This table is on the far side of the bed, so basically it laid in a corner. I’d wake up and gaze at that Bible seeming so far away, but not completely out of reach.

I’d grab my phone and do a meditation instead.

A while ago, the Bible made it to the table on my side of the bed. When I sit up in the morning, I still grab my phone, but I grab the Bible along with it. I look at Instagram to see if this same woman with the ragged Bible from a year ago has posted a verse to read. She calls it a ‘Faith Read’ and posts the chapter and verse.

In my previous post, my daughter loved the picture of the woman sitting on the pier. It is a beautiful photo, but I found it on Google. I dug up the photo below and this was my pier. I stood there almost every morning, waiting to see the sunrise and to praise and worship God. This pier got me through everything life threw.

This pier is where God showed up every time I did.

Not quite as blissful looking as Google’s.

While driving into town, I heard a song on the radio. It was an old Philips, Craig and Dean song and it took me back to this pier. It was the song I sang when I wasn’t feeling the whole ‘just show up’ thing. You are God alone, gives me peace and comfort in knowing no matter what we see today, He is still on the throne, and He’s not leaving the throne.

13 responses to “Leaving the Throne”

  1. Amen! I love the idea of meeting with God each morning in an outside space. Your pier is precious. Inviting. I’m sure you’ve had some big conversations out there. 💕

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    • Oh gosh darling, I had some screaming fits. Lol It was my all time favorite season. It was hard and filled with uncertainty, but that little pond flooded from days of rain. When it went under water, I knew it was time to move one to the next season. And I’ve been willing to move wherever He leads ever since. Thank you for sharing Collette. Big love. ❤

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  2. Beautiful words Barb, standing on a pier would bring me comfort and I would know God was all around. I must say when I did look to my Bible it did nothing for my mood. I always found God in nature especially the sea. Absolutely God has not left HIS throne though sometimes it feels like it. This is when we have got lost. Bless you

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