Let It Bloom

It’s been a life-long love affair with the Hydrangea, but the seasons are changing and it’s going away until Spring. This morning I noticed myself having a bit of trouble letting it go.

My daughter and I were out shopping this week. When I disappeared from view, she knew where to find me. We were near the flower department and there I was staring at the massive bouquet of multicolored Hydrangea. We carried it to the checkout, and when she beeped the bouquet and saw the price, she gave me a surprised look, or maybe it was shock.

I knew better than to meet her gaze and looked away thinking, you only live once. We came home and put them in water.

This morning I walked by the coffee table where they sit. Some of them had drooped overnight, so I grabbed the vase and took it into the kitchen. I laid them out on the cutting board, grabbed a sharp knife and sliced a good chunk of the ends off each stem. I chose a different vase, filled it with cool water and placed them in. They looked pretty sad, but I remained hopeful.

Looking out the window, I saw my neighbors outside, so took a walk around the block for a short visit. There’s nothing like listening to a toddler talk about life. When I returned home, the Hydrangeas were perking up and struggling their best. As I write, all are standing tall and looking refreshed, except for one.

We have a fear of loss and try and fix things to make them last longer. As I saw this one stem not revive itself I thought, well, I can always buy more, but then stopped that thought. It shouldn’t be that easy to replace. I’m just going to let them bloom, stay as long as they wish and move into a new season.

Seasons are temporary and I look forward to seeing the Hydrangea in the spring. Until then, I can have peace in knowing I didn’t try to make it stay. All I did was let it bloom.


12 thoughts on “Let It Bloom

  1. I share your love of hydrangeas. I got the love from my grandparents where they always had them growing. I visited the Azores islands years ago, where my grandpa was from. I found that the farmers there, instead of fencing, would line the borders of their fields with hydrangeas. How magical is that? Alas, I can never get them to grow well in my yard…I’ve tried and tried. Maybe I should let go and enjoy them in their cut form… they look pretty dried as well. 💕

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  2. When you recut the stems do you cut up into the stem to let more water in. I used to add a teaspoon of sugar in the water to feed the flowers. Enjoy them for they had no home in the shop. They grace your home adding to the love. Blessings Barb.


  3. It feels nice for me to visit your blog, it’s like I hear your voice as I read. I can relate to the flower story and them losing their bloom but still enjoying their presence. My son during the summer cut some sunflowers and brought them inside. The colours were supernatural indoors, and I could see the petals and stems better since some of the sunflowers were so tall, and I’m under 6 foot tall. Sadly the sunflowers did lose their vitality and as i write this, I am also but on plus side the flowers had it once and so did I. I just won’t cut anything off the bottom of me to revive. LOL, hugs my friend. Love your writing.


    1. True. I have found the worthwhile moments that create a space for growth aren’t usually easy. Love them and be willing to let them go when it’s time. Thank you for sharing. xx


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