The Basil Plant

As mentioned in my previous post, the seasons are changing and some of my favorite things will go away till Spring. I’ve killed two Basil plants this year, but that didn’t deter me from buying one more. I’m not quite ready to let go and not make pesto.

Almost every market I’ve walked into has them in stock. One store had so many basil plants, they were on display like Poinsettias at Christmas. Why not buy one more Barb?

I told myself I’d bring one home, and if it was still alive after a week, I’d repot it into a larger container. The plastic container it was sold in has three holes in the bottom for drainage. I wanted to sit it in the kitchen window to receive some light, but I learned early on that wood and water don’t mix. The window sill is wood, so I found this little dish to sit under it.

Home from the market.

I sat it in that little dish up in the kitchen window for a week and it’s still alive. I thought it couldn’t hurt to sit it in love, love, love.

Here is what I’ve learned from the basil plant.

🤍 Don’t water it at night. Even though it’s more convenient to water it before bed, it doesn’t like sitting in damp darkness.

🤍 Just let it be. I see it first thing in the morning as I walk into the kitchen and it’s still alive! I realize it’s almost out of season and it’s slow growing, but at least it hasn’t died and that’s rewarding.

🤍 It reminds me to be kind always. It looks rather fragile and my persona shifts when I see it. It has new growth, but should be nervous for the day I plop the food processor on the counter.

10 days later. It hasn’t grown much, but it’s alive.

Maybe it just knows to move at a slower pace and enjoy where it is. Plants are a lot like humans, and we can learn from them, as this little plant reminds me to be kind and relax my mind.

The photo reveals I repotted it, slid the love, love, love dish underneath and sat it on the window sill. We would all be content sitting in a dish of repeated love, just like the basil plant.


8 thoughts on “The Basil Plant

  1. I can see your basil plant already has a hint of things to come…theres’s a bag of flour very close by! The food processor must not be far behind. Your post gently reminds me that all of our days are numbered.

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    1. Right? It does have a hint of things to come. This morning, I misted it with a spray of water, so we’ll see how it likes that. It’s starting to feel like a pet! Lol I hear ya Des as it reminded me of that too. Thank you as always, for being here and sharing. xx

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  2. And we could all do with some love love love to sit under. I love basil and making pesto too. Have a very sickly looking basil plant from the summer and been watering at night. Will switch it to morning and see if it improves. Thanks for the tip ♡

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  3. I used to buy my herbs like this in pots and place them on the window sill. I found the Basil to be fragile to say the least.

    Some doe not like the quick change of temperature at this time of year when near the glass being too cold at night for them.

    You do right a lot of kindness required for the Basil a delicate plant.

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