The Wrong Screen

The main reason I joined the Fearless community was to confirm what’s meaningful and rediscover my meaningful work. I knew writing was meaningful, but it doesn’t feel like work, hence the confusion.

I struggled for a while finding time to blog. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the changes happening within my job, but here’s what I know today. There’s no amount of money worth taking up all of my time.

Writing is not something I try to find time for, it’s what I want to do. It’s about allowing a space to open, sitting down in that space and not leaving until I’m out of words. It’s a sacred space to let the words spill, and spill they do.

Taking time to write in our lives gives us the time of our lives.

Julia Cameron-The Writer’s Life
Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

It’s a cool morning in Texas halleluiah!

The front door swung open early to let the cool breeze wash over the inside of our home. Our house cat, Chombus, loves sitting in front of the screen door. I noticed him staring intently at something on the front porch, so I walked over to investigate his fascination.

It was a twig rocking back and forth, being moved by the wind. Being an indoor cat, he’s never experienced a twig, so I opened the door and brought it inside to lay it on the floor in front of him. He moved it around and tried to bite it, just doing cat things to the twig.

That’s the kind of life I enjoy, where I’m never too busy to hand our cat a twig. As I finish typing this up to go back to my work, I can’t really classify writing as meaningful work. It doesn’t feel like work but is packed full of meaning.

There’s meaningful moments within our everyday life. It’s a matter of stepping away from the computer screen and standing in front of the screen door. Thank you Chombus, (the cat) for reminding me this morning not to spend too much time in front of the wrong screen.

Happy Friday my darlings. ~ Big love! Barb


13 thoughts on “The Wrong Screen

  1. Things we are passionate about shouldn’t feel like work then it becomes a task that controls us, instead of us freely expressing ourselves in it and through it. I love writing but I would never want to do where there is a deadline to meet, then hence comes the stress that my writing relieves me of. great post. thanks for sharing

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  2. Even if your writing does not seem like work, it still is but it is filled with love so it no longer a chore. Finding time for your Cat during the day is very important. I have things which my cats and I do it is part of our life and gives me pleasure in giving time to them. They are small things but important to all of us. Some people think I am crazy the way I relate to caring for my cats, I know you understand. Bless you

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  3. Happy Friday, friend. They call creative fine art objects “works of art”. Your writing is your “work of art,” with inherent meaning and beauty. It comes from within. 💕

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  4. Or maybe it’s the right screen! I agree – writing is a pleasure, a joy – not work. If I feel I HAVE to post something, then I wait – not the mindset I want. I, too, am a Julia Cameron fan. :-). And speaking of fans (of Chemex) – if you buy your filters from them online, don’t let your supply get down too low. Because of the pandemic, they currently need 2 weeks to fill an order + ship time. It was a close call here, but got my new supply just in time. Enjoy your cool weather!

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    1. Maybe so darling! It funny but a little hardware store down the street from me carries Chemex filters. Every time I go to the checkout, they ask me what they are. It’s like my secret stash. Haha

      The feature photo you see is a single pour over filter by Blue bottle. Love these tiny filters! I’m glad you got your supply in time. Thank you! You too! xx

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      1. That’s pretty surprising – the hardware store. And the mini – too cute. But I can’t remember the time – if ever – that I wanted just one cup. Haha. Cheers! I’m toasting you with my coffee mug!

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