To Step Away

I had to step away from my work.

We moved to a new online customer service platform last week, the second one since June, and there’s a lot to learn. I’ve also learned how and when to step away.

I read Stephen King’s Memoir, ‘On Writing.” He talks about how he always had a nook to write in. Underneath the stairway was one, but he does his best writing tucked away in a corner. He discourages writing out in the open and suggests going into a room, shutting the door and forbidding anyone to open it.

Well Stephen, I’m sorry, but that’s not me.

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I need an open, yet peaceful space for writing. I can see myself sitting outside once the weather cooperates.

Going off Stephen’s suggestion, I slid my desk into the corner of the room to do some serious writing, but here’s what evolved. It’s where I do my best work, but for my job. When I walk over to the desk I know it’s time to get serious about work, but writing is not work for me.

I don’t have a distracting environment. It’s peaceful for the most part, so I unplugged my laptop, took it off my desk and walked over to the kitchen table to write. Here I sit writing this post because this was a hard lesson to learn. I have to step away from work and take time for this Blog. It’s almost a need to take time for writing.

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No one is going to do it for me, but if I’m not careful, I’ll get wrapped up in work and it will take away my writing.

I’m no Stephen King, but I fancy myself a writer. Life is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed, but writing can easily get knocked down the list. If it’s important it will take time and the path is long. Anything worthwhile doesn’t happen overnight, otherwise it’d be easy to succeed.

Thank you for meeting me here today. I’ll go back to work realizing writing may not feel like work, but it’s just as important as work. There are times my work can wait, but writing cannot, and it’s okay to step away.

12 thoughts on “To Step Away

    1. The heart knows when it’s time to step away. Writing is so good for the soul and I find by leaving my workstation for a bit to write, I can go back to work renewed. I walk in with a more upbeat attitude by doing something I love.

      Their demands are exactly that. It’s what has been demanded of them over the years and they haven’t changed the pattern. What they expect of you and what you’re capable of giving may be unbalanced. Find your balance lovely. Thank you for being here and sharing. xx

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      1. you are very welcome! you have a sense of self and direction which is refreshing a boldness that hard not to cheer on. Yet! there is a sweetness that is also touching. take care lovely, let it go:) and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Having a special place to write makes sense to me. Do you think the kitchen table is going to be your new permanent writing place? Now I’m wondering if I need to re-think my own work/writing areas. Thanks Barb!

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    1. It makes sense to me too, but it was funny how it turned into my workspace. I don’t know Des, but I’m sitting here again this morning. The kitchen table has a better view than the corner, so maybe that’s what resonates, having a view. Try some different spaces and see what happens. As always, thank you Des for being here.

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