New Favorite Things

I’m accumulating quite a few ‘new favorite things.’ One was discovered a few weeks ago by making ghee to cook with. Just like many things in life, it helps to have the right tools and then start. We were long overdue for a new pan.

My daughter and I went to H Mart because we love their cooking section. Everything is pretty, yet affordable. I’ve had a lifetime of Al-Clad and Calphalon and still use those at times, but this has been the year of try something new.

Hello Home Eco-Tech Ceramic Coating Fry Pan

It’s pretty and performs. Nothing sticks to this pan.

I love potato hash, but haven’t been successful making it in the past. It’s scary to keep trying things over again, but I refuse to let my past define my present. Every day we’re given is new, with ample opportunity to try again.

I’ve been practicing cooking all year and finally found the recipe that turns out perfect every single time.

It’s bulletproof my friends.

The key was cooking the potatoes in a layer of ghee. I’ve seen ghee sold at markets, but didn’t realize how easy it is to make. Ghee is melted butter with the dairy part skimmed off the top. Once you take away the dairy, it can withstand high heat and food won’t burn.

Unless you walk away and forget you’re cooking.

Potato Hash

This dish has become a staple with brunch. It’s a pleasure to make and eat. Using this pan to make potato hash has quickly become one of my new favorite things.

Technically that’s two things. 🙂 Big love-Barb.


8 thoughts on “New Favorite Things

  1. Your hash looks yummy, Barb! I’ve heard of ghee but haven’t tried it yet. However, I’ve been enjoying my gluten-free diet over the last year, which means I eat a lot more potatoes than I used to, almost every day. I often make a potato hash like yours, although mine never looks that great, and I doubt it’s as good without the ghee. But like you, it’s one of my favorites. Enjoy!

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    1. Thank you Des. Ghee is just clarified butter and it’s simple to make. If your potatoes are getting too brown it’s the dairy in the butter that’s burning, not the potatoes.

      Good for you going GF! My daughter and I try out best to eat GF but I have this weakness for croissants. You know me Des. If it’s gonna be in my life, it’s gonna be pretty, but it doesn’t have to be pretty to taste amazing. I bet yours are delightful. You too!

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