Protect Your Sobriety

Every morning I open my eyes, my first thought and words spoken are, “Thank you God for waking me up sober.”

I’ve been thinking about sobriety, which is normal for me this time of year. On November 10th, I’ll be 22 years sober. There’s a twinge of embarrassment when I say that to someone newly sober. They usually ask, “How’d you do it Barb?” I respond with, “With God one day at a time.”

When I was newly sober, my then husband flew me to Canada with him for business. We were to meet his clients at a French restaurant for dinner. I recall walking into our private dining room and seeing the table set with what seemed like a million wine glasses. I was 2 weeks sober.

Photo by Fabio Sangregorio on Unsplash

It broke my heart to take a seat at that table.

My then husband didn’t understand the alcoholic. He thought maybe I’d have a glass of wine and be a part of the evening’s festivities, but when the waiter came to my glass with the bottle, I laid my hand over the top so he wouldn’t pour. He felt my trepidation and took the glass away.

Then I just got angry. Being the lady I am, I sat quietly at the table holding my composure, but wanted to scream. That was the last time I sat at a table like that.

Back then, I looked at drinking as something I couldn’t have and it felt like I was missing out. What I didn’t realize it was actually the beginning of a whole new life.

Almost 22 years later, I’m still thinking about sobriety. It’s not that I can’t drink. I could and the life I have today would quickly dissipate. I’m not willing to let that go. When it comes to one more day sober, here’s your permission slip to choose your table wisely, and protect your sobriety.

17 thoughts on “Protect Your Sobriety

  1. Congratulations Barb you have maintained a high standard and these days more people do not drink when they are out due to driving regulations. I do not drink either as I feel it interferes with my spiritual thinking. As you cleanse the energy movement speeds up and I ended up falling asleep after 1 drink so it is easier not to drink and I do not miss it. In good restaurants I think nothing better than having a cup of coffee or bottles water.

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  2. Love this. I’ve even had to make the hard decision to not join in the family table because everyone drinks. I know what I have to and shouldn’t have to deal with and I choose me these days over being considered part of the crowd, even if the crowd is my family. 💕

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  3. Congratulations to you, Barb! This morning an old friend called on the phone who was fairly well drunk by 10:00 AM. We talked at length about him and my own father, another alcoholic who drank up until the very end. Suffice it to say that you deserve so much credit for the 22 years you’ve been there for the people around you. Yours was an uplifting message to be reading today.

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    1. Well, I never started drinking that early until the very end. Hair of the dog. I’m sorry you had a phone call like that, but you are a good friend, and he is blessed to have you.

      I was on the brink of losing my marriage and my son, who was 11 at the time. Over a decade later it I walked out of the marriage, but it was a sober choice, and my son and I remain close. Thank you Des. As always, I’m happy you’re here.

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