Bowl of Scraps

There’s a lady who sells these handmade bowls at a farmer’s market I attend on the weekends. They are made from strips of fabric she refers to as scraps. Her display has so many colors and designs it’s difficult to choose, but if that’s my toughest decision of the day, life is good.

She wraps clothes line wiring with strips of fabric and sews them together to make the bowl. Allow me show you how simply beautiful scraps woven together can be.

Yesterday, I was on my Team Call through Fearless Warrior and told them I’ve decided to leave the Fearless Warrior Community. It was a solid investment of money and time well spent, but the heart knows when it’s time to move on. We’ve been meeting every week for several months and feel woven together, similar to this bowl.

We are all different ages with different ideas and beliefs and we live in various parts of the world, but we have a common bond. A mutual love and respect for one another. I have found similar souls here in WordPress. My Fearless Team has decided to continue meeting at least once a month outside the community to continue encouraging one another down life’s path.

When we stand alone we might feel like one strip of fabric, but together we can be woven with love into something meaningful and purposeful. Just like this bowl of scraps.


12 thoughts on “Bowl of Scraps

  1. You have such a lovely soul! Thank you for sharing my bowls. Making them is more than just putting fabric together. It’s putting “scraps” together to make something beautiful. They teach me an
    awful lot about myself when I pay attention. I also find that the ones I make that “speak” to me, tend to be the ones that speak to others as well. What we do in life makes a difference. Keep shining bright! 🤍💫

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    1. The ones that speak to you, speak to others. I love that. Your bowls are simply beautiful and I’m thankful you share your gift. Thanks to you, I already know what my friends are getting for Christmas! Keep shining bright indeed my friend. ❤

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  2. Beautiful bowl and illustration. I love the idea of our interdependence… especially these days when we are forced to feel distanced and separate. It’s more important than ever. 💕🌟

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