Embrace the Unexpected

I cannot remember the last time I went Black Friday shopping, but I went this year. There was one store having a sale, and I wondered what it would be like to go shopping on Black Friday during a pandemic. It was nothing like I thought it would be.

I made a deal with God Thursday night before bed. I told Him, “If going to this store Friday morning would be a beautiful experience, then wake me up early.” I woke up at 3:00 am, smiled and said, “Not this early. Let’s shoot for 6.” The next time I woke up it was precisely 6:00 a.m.

By 7:00 a.m., I was out the door.

It was foggy, and there was no traffic. When I arrived at the store, there were hardly any cars in the parking lot. Slipping on my mask, I saw a huge sign sitting at the storefront that said, “No more than 35 people allowed inside.” So far, it was nothing like I expected.

I went to the sale for their candles being buy 3, get 3 free. At first I thought, what a deal, but not really. They used to have a sale every month where their candles were half price. I would normally just buy a couple, but the black Friday sale insured me walking out of the store with six!

When the sales clerk handed me the bag full of candles, I was a little bit embarrassed by it size. It was enormous!

What we expect and what God has in store are different sizes. I catch myself not thinking big enough because it’s comfortable walking through the store with a small bag. We need to get good at carrying the enormous bag.

That’s the size of His plans for us if we embrace the unexpected. Hope my neighbors like candles.


7 thoughts on “Embrace the Unexpected

  1. This was actually the first year in many years that I didn’t go Black Friday shopping. My sister and I did a little Cyber shopping on Saturday and it was a lot of fun too. We may have started a new traditions. What a great message. Thank you.

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  2. I’m with you as I no longer have the will to face the Black Friday crowds. But this one sounds a lot different and I’m sure it’ll be a Black Friday you’ll always remember, Barb. And I’m sure your neighbors will appreciate their candles. Who doesn’t love candles?

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    1. I hear you Des, It’s probably been 10 years since participating in Black Friday, but my curiosity won out this year. The shopping center I went to is always crowded, so I was surprised to find the parking lot so empty. Maybe an electronics store would have yielded a different story. Thank you! I agree!

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