Working and Writing

I’ve heard you don’t have to be ‘in the mood’ to write. You can just sit down at any time and write, but I believe the mood will reflect in your writing.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not about finding time, because we all have the same amount of time. It’s sitting down everyday and writing until the words run out. Running out of words doesn’t come easy for me, but we are keenly aware of running out of time. It’s precious.

Saturday was cold and rainy, but I decided to accept it for what it was. I lit a candle, and turned on our heater that resembles a woodstove. My work got done, but with it being the Saturday after Thanksgiving it didn’t have the sense of urgency it has during the week.

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I do this quite often. Work a little while and then come over to WordPress and write. If I’m having a challenging day with work, WordPress tends to be my happy spot. Responding to your comments, or fixing a cup of tea and taking time out to read your Blogs are important to me.

I love to write, and when I spend time on the page, other areas of my life become better. When I don’t write, it feels like a part of me is missing.

I was overly focused on work, so my writing and Blog suffered. I knew there had to be a balance, so one day while working, I pulled up my Blog and started to write. I left two tabs open. One for work and one for writing and I’d go back and forth between the two. Writing brings joy that spills over into my work.

That’s how I found balance between working from home and writing. They became equally important.


8 thoughts on “Working and Writing

  1. I also write sometimes when I am at work. Often an idea will hit me and when I am on break or have a few minutes of down time it is easy to just click over and get it down. I also jot down ideas on my phone in notes. I have a separate Blog ideas list. It is definitely a balance.

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    1. I agree lovely, and yes if I’m not physically typing, I’m writing in my head. Although, when it stays in my head, it doesn’t have a shimmer of a hope to help someone else. Maybe someone else in struggling with working and writing, but we won’t know until we show up, empty our hearts to the page and click publish. Thank you for sharing. xx

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      1. This is so true. I was thinking more of writing when we’re doing other things – walking, raking leaves, chores, that kind of thing. Also, as I know you know, so much creativity happens when we’re not at the computer or with pen in hand. In the spaces “in between”, so to speak. I am always grateful that writing is something I love so much.

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