In Real Time

All this talk about the draft folder is really just the tip of the iceberg. I left out the part about all the emails I’ve sent to myself with pictures attached. Looking through some of them lastnight I noticed there’s an additional folder entitled ‘Blog Ideas’, chocked full from 2019. Let’s not forget the journals and slips of paper I come across every now and then. I even text myself ideas when the inspiration hits. So really, the draft folder is the least of it.

There’s no lack for inspiration here.

This laptop has memes sitting on the desktop, just waiting for a story. Every so often, it begins to look cluttered, so I file them into a folder. My first Zoom conference this year with the man I work with was truly embarrassing. We were sharing our screens, going over email platforms, and our screens were extreme opposites. His was full of Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and word documents, but you know what he saw on Barb’s?

Pretty pictures and memes.

There was a long pause as he viewed my desktop, and I couldn’t leave the meeting fast enough. The meme I used as the featured photo in this post is one I ‘borrowed’ from Cristian Mahai, but here it is again.

Sitting at the kitchen table this morning, it doesn’t surprise me to see a container of glitter sitting here with me. I purchased the glitter for a small project, but you know I love glitter, and have been known to sprinkle it anywhere I darn well please. Now, I’m not going to throw it at my computer screen, but it’s safe to say, I have a glittery life. No longer embarrassed over my desktop either, because if I had to choose between mine, and the man I work with, it would easily be this one.

I’m starting to believe, instead of continuing to file away inspiration, it’s to be shared in real time.


15 thoughts on “In Real Time

  1. I agree with following real-time inspiration as much as possible. If God is giving you material, work with it! I am practicing obeying the call instead of pushing it aside to do things such as laundry and grading papers. Practicing doing the hard work every day. Love this! Xx

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    1. What I found is if I don’t take the time right then to follow the inspiration, I lose it. Emailing notes to myself wound up sitting in my email, but it’s a new year my darling filled with new inspiration. Chase down those hard things! Thank you as always for sharing your wisdom. xxx


  2. Also, glitter is permanent! You will find it decades later, as I’m sure you know. Like you, I have tons of half articles, manuscripts, quotes, and photos everywhere. I hardly know where to start … I really need to choose one short thing and finish it.

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      1. I am glad my memory was correct on that. My memory is poor otherwise, than it used to be.
        I could see you putting some of this glitter on the porch. But I will find it interesting where else it will turn up. 🙂

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  3. The sharing of the desktop story cracked me up, Barb! It sounds like you find lots of things that inspire you Having a glittery life sounds like a lot more fun than spreadsheets!

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    1. Hah. Thanks Des, and I’m glad. It still cracks me up too! Kind of like the Wall Street Tycoon walking into a fairytale! Yes Des, I am inspired almost daily. Some are worth writing about right then, and other times it’s a spark to something more. Instead of storing the inspired moments ups and forgetting about them, I’m going to try and share them. I would offer to throw some glitter on his computer screen, but I like my job. 🙂

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