Filled with peace

When I first started this Blog, I wanted to write like Melody Beattie. I’ve read her books more than once and she brings me peace. It was more than her words, maybe it was her vibe while writing, like she was filled with peace and laying it on the page to be shared.

It took years of writing to catch that peaceful vibe, but that’s what draws people in. I want you to feel peace, even if it’s just for the 2 minutes it takes to read this page, but this is more than just a Blog, it’s real life, and I want it to spill over into your life and envelop you.

Write the kind of Blog that you’d like to read.

Cristian Mahai

Every now and then, we order pizza and have it delivered to our door. There’s a small wooden table by the front door, specifically for contactless delivery. The other night, we had a pizza delivered, and I thought I’d given the driver ample time to leave, only to find he hadn’t left. He was standing in the yard underneath the Arbor. He saw me walk out to retrieve the pizza and said…

“I’m not supposed to say this, but you have a great setup here. This is the most peaceful front yard, I’ve ever walked through. It’s only my second time delivering here, but it’s by far my favorite. It’s filled with peace.”

With so many Blog posts to choose from, thank you for choosing mine. My hope is as you hang out on the page, you will be filled with peace.- Be happy and well, Barb.

16 thoughts on “Filled with peace

  1. Your writing, and your whole being, emits peace. Like opening and savoring little treats. I have to look into Melody Beattie. Merry Christmas, friend!💕

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  2. That’s quite a compliment! And like your pizza delivery guy, I do find peace on your blog Barb, which is why I like to hang out here as well. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Des

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  3. I adore Melody Beattie! I use her book, Journey to the Heart as therapeutic homework for my patients. Peace: it’s where I am ending 2020, resetting for my next. Cool yard…what an impact. Keep healing…it is ever-showing. Merry Christmas. #Required ♥️

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