Take Some Time

The watch went back into it’s original box. The ginormous clock was removed from the bedroom wall and moved to the breezeway. I can still see it from the bedroom, so it will continue to be enjoyed, but it’s out of my room, and there’s no more ticking sound. I want to stop watching time.

This post was in my draft folder, and I realized that folder wasn’t emptied last year like I wrote about here. It went down to two drafts, but I felt a pause in publishing them. They are still in drafts and I’ve been adding to the folder this year, so we are back up to seven drafts!

The first week of January I shared with friends, “I’m taking the month off from life itself.” That’s when I removed the clock from my bedroom, and stopped wearing a wristwatch, but it didn’t last. A week later, the clock returned to my room, just like this draft wound up in the folder. There’s some comfort in seeing time, and knowing there’s a draft, or six, suspended in time.

That’s what January has felt like for me, just suspended it in time. Taking time to organize my life by putting things in their rightful place. Everything should have a place, or it needs to be passed along for someone else to enjoy. Sometimes we acquire items not meant for us, but we can keep them until that person shows up to give it to. That has happened quite a bit in my life. The keeper of goodness to be handed off to someone else along life’s path. That’s a good description of how we should live our lives.

Don’t sweat the draft folder. When the time is right, it will become a published post just like this one did.

Put everything in it’s rightful place, and if it doesn’t have a space, pass it on to who you believe will enjoy it.

Take notice of what comes into our lives. It may not be meant for us, but God will reveal the rightful owner.

When you find yourself anointed the keeper of goodness, that is something that surely must be given away daily.

Whatever it is you wish to pour into this world to make it a prettier place, this is your permission slip to figure out your start. The world is waiting for what you have to offer, so don’t be afraid to take some time.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

PS. Just not too much time.


4 thoughts on “Take Some Time

  1. I do not have wall clocks nor a watch. I use my mobile for time it is there if I need to know the time. I cannot wear a watch the battery interferes with my heartbeat. I bought a crystal watch and it did the same so it is down to the mobile phone for time and I switch the phone off completely at times.

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    1. We have a clock in every room. I love them and each one has it’s own style. I try not to depend on my phone for too much, but have been known to yell at Google Home sitting across the room for the time. Thank you Nanette. xx

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  2. Yes, my draft folder, if they mount up, I think they will get used one day when time right.
    I miss the sound of a ticking clock, it’s very rare I hear one wearing hearing aids and I don’t hear all clocks ticking. But I don’t hear at all without them.
    My wall clock went last year after batteries leaked inside. That was the last ticking clock I occassionally heard. I have found the tick tock to be relaxing. Luckily I have other things to relax me. 🙂

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