From Good to Great

My daughter’s mini lecture before leaving the house for the day. “I want you to eat something of sustenance, and that doesn’t mean chocolate and gummi vitamins.” All those years of mothering are paying off where she is now mothering me! I’m diggin’ it.

I did pretty well with scrambled farm fresh eggs, by adding some shredded gouda and thyme. Along with slices of everything bread toasted and cut into toast points to hold some fig jam. It was delicious and I took this photo as proof that I ate something good.

I like a little bit of egg with my thyme.

This only added to an already great day.

Because everyday we wake up to a new day is pretty great, right? I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s drives my friends crazy how happy I am. When they ask, “How are you?”, the answer is always, “I’m doing great!” Even if I’m not feeling especially perky, or there’s trouble brewing ahead, it’s always the same response…”Great!” My daughter knows I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder’s when she asks, “How are you?”, and I say. “Okay…”

I don’t know about you but ‘okay’ is unacceptable in my mind, and I’ve been blessed with a very good life, but what about better than good? I’ve been saying ‘great’ for so long now, and to a lot of people the life I live is great, but what does great really look like? This year I want to step outside the knowing of what’s ‘good’, and go for the ‘great.’

We can be mindful of our day, and take note of how to make adjustments for a better tomorrow. Each day a little bit better than the last sounds like a solid path for this life to emerge over time from good to great.


8 thoughts on “From Good to Great

  1. I remember when I was working in a large computing department one of the managers would always reply “Fantastic” if you asked him how he was. This reply used to deflate many people as they weren’t even feeling okay. It is the right attitude to take pump out the positive even if you feel under par. Like you I am watching my food for a healthier diet, it also pays off if you eat well at every meal. Bless you.

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    1. Yes, fantastic is a little over the top, but I know people who can pull it off. Well my darling, it’s just a matter of perspective. Does life happen to me, or for me? I’m glad to hear you’re being mindful in your care. It pays off. My daughter and I have cooked our own meals for as far back as I can remember, and now we both love to cook. Thank you for sharing Nanette and many blessings to you.

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  2. I love that you’re great! Such a worthy ideal, and you’re so right…we are responsible for moving our own needle from good to great! Xx

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