Life is Good

I woke up at 5:00 am. The house is really dark that time of morning. I reached over to turn on the lamp beside my bed and with one click the room was illumined. Glancing at the floor to my surprise there is a puppo curled up sound asleep. The click of the switch caused her to raise her head and give me a squinting look like, “Really?” Another click, click, and the lamp goes off resuming darkness.

Sitting in the dark, yet knowing it’s a new day.

I decided to go ahead and do my meditation, and then stumble my way toward the coffee bar to choose a coffee method. The French press sounded simple enough. I put the kettle on, but instead of turning on a light, I lit a nearby candle. During the day, I don’t think much about having a candle lit, (there is always one lit) but in the darkness is when it puts on a show!

I was so mesmerized by the candle, I forgot about the press, and didn’t do a very good job. The water was too hot, and I used too many grinds, so all it took was one sip to realize, this is not magical. I took another sip, trying to make it work, but just couldn’t do it. It was awful!

The beginning of the year, I changed my tagline for this Blog, and it was time to heed those words. “Never settle. Don’t even think about it.” The second sentence is the most important part. I can think about something long enough and settle into the idea of it, and it doesn’t seem that bad. That’s where the settling mindset begins.

I don’t want a life of, “It’s not that bad.” No darling, I firmly believe, “Life is good.”

10 thoughts on “Life is Good

    1. There’s always going to be hard times my darling. We live in an imperfect world, it just depends how we choose to look at it. Maybe less of, “Why is this happening to me?”, and more of, “What is this trying to teach me?” Thank you for sharing. xx

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. My Mom used to have candles burning regularly and your candle reminded me of her. I think this post is excellent for thought but I admit strict commitments can sometimes alienate people. An example will help. I am not a fan of paper plates for family occasions and insist in the events we host that we use real cutlery, plates etc. I think of my Mom how she would bring out her best yellow rose china when I visited. I think family events are for exactly those occasions and I used to when at a family event ask for a real china plate instead of paper one. This would get me the “look” from the in-laws. Now I go with the flow, although I still notice – putting my wife’s and mine relationship with family over my “peculiarities”. It was nice to read your post today, and I am sending you spring thoughts.

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    1. Thank you David for stopping by! That’s nice the candle reminded you of your Mom. There is one lit in my house all the time.

      I agree! You won’t find a paper plate or napkin in this house. My Mom used to dust off the fine china for special occasions too, but we use real plates and napkins everyday. That helps make everyday feel like an occasion, which is special. Enjoy your day.

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