The Scattered Words

My Fearless community adds value to my life. During our Team call, I recommended the Morning Pages to a Team member, because I used to do them and saw value in them. Then I asked myself, “Why did you stop writing them Barb?”

My Fearless Team member ran with the idea, and has 3 weeks under his belt. He’s doing so well with it, he inspired me to start writing them again. The main reason I stopped was out of frustration. I couldn’t complete the 3 pages of longhand Julia recommends, but then I heard her voice say, ‘Grab three pieces of paper.’

I’d been using a notebook to write the morning pages, and it was uncomfortable to write in. It was bulky and larger than a regular piece of notebook paper. Eyeing the stack of notebook paper from my daughter’s school stash, I grabbed three pieces of paper and laid them on the table. As I began to write I felt my hand glide across the page and noticed it was resting flat on the table, not elevated by the thickness of the notebook. After completing page one, I went on to page two and then three!

Morning pages are to be written first thing in the morning, and it’s different than Blogging. These are thoughts not fully formed in the mind and feel scattered. Pen to paper helps pull them together and smooth them out. They are not to be shared with anyone, so you can say whatever you darn well please. I do this before anything else, even coffee, so there’s a commitment.

As soon as your eyes open you’ll need:

Three pieces of paper.

Your favorite writing utensil.

Staring out a window helps gather thoughts.

What better place to scatter words than onto an empty page.


14 thoughts on “The Scattered Words

  1. This is a wonderful practice I’d like to adopt. I often write in my notes app, the paper and pen feels like art. Oddly I like to hear when a sharp Ticonderoga Pencil, glides across the page snd I can hear the sound from page to table. Gives me found memories of our free write period during primary school, simpler times.

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    1. You are a sweetheart. Thank you and I missed you and my WordPress family. I had to form a consistent habit for writing the book, so I did a daily practice at a minimum of 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. Now it’s starting to look like a book! Once the new habit is formed, it doesn’t take up as much time as I imagined. ❤

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  2. Hi Barb, You know I also journal daily (and am also a fan of Julia Cameron), and I’m thinking you may have just had the wrong type journal. Smaller journals, especially with a wire binding which allows you to fold the journal back on itself, really work well. This is after my trying many different sizes and styles myself. Of course, just plain paper may work best for you, but just a thought. p.s. TJ Maxx has the best journal selection on the planet. 🙂

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    1. Hello my darling and thank you so much for sharing. Yes, I journaled for years and still do sometimes at the end of the day as a time of reflection. The morning pages have a slightly different feel because you’re not thinking of what to say. (I can barely think that early in the morning.) I believe some call it subconscious writing. Gosh woman!!! I could never walk out of TJ Maxx with just one journal! 🙂

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      1. Yes, always in the morning! And once upon a time, like Julia Cameron suggests, a kind of “dump” to free the brain for the day, those pages have become much more. Glad to hear you’re back in it, and here, too!

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