To Be Seen

“It’s better to be seen than viewed”, said the cashier at the gas station. That phrase has stuck with me for almost a year. We were just making small talk, and then those words fell out of his mouth as I headed toward the door.

The people who walk through our lives are important, and we need to pay attention to who steps in and what they say because most have a message.

When we first moved here, there weren’t many people walking this neighborhood. There was the occasional runner, or someone would zoom by on a bicycle, but no one just strolling the streets. A year ago I began a simple habit of walking to the end of the street as a friendly presence in the neighborhood. I’ve met a good many neighbors and been doing this for long enough now, when they see me coming they stop and talk.

The time or day doesn’t matter so much as the doing.

This is not considered exercise. I literally step outside in whatever I’m wearing and stroll the nearby streets. My daughter got tickled at me one day when I walked out the door and forgot to leave my glasses at home. I was wrapped up in my favorite cardigan and my glasses were still sitting atop my head as we strolled, but it didn’t bother me because I want to be seen for who I am.

A writer.

To be a writer, you need to release your words. To be a good neighbor, you need to keep them.

An excerpt from the book.

I enjoyed all of your fun comments on my previous post Embracing the New. Here’s a couple of photos I shared in my Fearless community taken with my new phone. I wanted to capture the tiny detail of the yellow flower blooming, and it did that, but it also but picked up every vein in the leaves. I love how the pot sitting below is blurry like it’s not supposed to be the focus.

Focused on the details.
The bigger picture.

We do not see our size. We do not view ourselves with accuracy. We are far larger, far more marvelous, far more deeply and consistently creative than we recognize or know.

Pg. 48 of ‘A Right to Write’, by Julia Cameron.

Here’s to showing up in true form and allowing ourselves to be seen. Much love-Barb.

7 thoughts on “To Be Seen

  1. Happy to see you’re enjoying your phone! And it’s good that we can be writers and neighbors, both. It’s such a nice feeling having people around us that we can just stop and have a simple exchange with, isn’t it? I agree – something I love about where I live, too.
    p.s. My glasses are ALWAYS on top of my head – how else would I read my phone if something came through? LOL

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    1. You’re so funny. Yeah, I leave my phone at home while walking the neighborhood. I need that space to breathe and clear my mind of all technology. The other day, I saw a neighbor sitting in his driveway working on something, and I stopped to talk.

      Instinctively, I sat down on the driveway along with him and we chatted for a good while. It was great to sit there and catch up, and I was glad I didn’t have my phone in my back pocket. It was a practice in listening. 🙂

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      1. I agree – if I’m just on the block, my phone is usually still at my desk. But when I go seriously walking, I keep it on me, just in case of emergency – always have, even when I had my old-timey flip phone. I generally pay it no mind when I’m out – I love it and all it can do, but have no need of being so “connected” like I see some people. Listening is good. 🙂

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