Sunday at Noon

Some days I feel like my life is one big Zoom. It started out as part of my job, but now I love it.

I purchased a monthly Zoom account and Zoom with people all over the world. The free version gives you 45 minutes, but we kept running over using a full hour. At first I saw it as an investment in my Team, but we use the time to invest in one another. I’m so pumped once the call is over my daughter steers me away from the coffee bar.

I have a call each week with some part of my Zen Habits community. It made me wonder if I could do something similar here in WordPress. This year, community has been a large part of my heart and you are my community. By reading your Blogs I’m sensing some of you are tired and becoming weary in the well doing.

Sunday at Noon has been on my mind for a while now. I knew it was a Blog title because it was three words, but didn’t know the rest. Then I was checking my bank account and saw the Zoom charge and heard, Sunday at Noon. Starting in July, I’ll hold space via Zoom for whoever needs lifting up. Come and let me see your face, Sunday at Noon.

7 thoughts on “Sunday at Noon

  1. I think this is a great idea, Barb. My only conflict is church at 10, which would be noon for you. If others are interested though, we’ll work something out! 🌟💛

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      1. I can’t really see facial expressions. Can’t see body language. People talk over one another not on purpose but because of gaps in buffering. I get very distracted staring at a screen and I find it difficult to maintain eye contact. I also use my hands and facial expressions a lot when I’m conversing and all those nuances of communication is lost. I feel like I’m on a very boring Ted talk

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      2. I think we can appreciate it for what it offers. It’s not perfect, and I’m sorry you’ve had a less than favorable experience with it, but it is a form of connection. The buffering is slow Internet and I suggest the call in feature for those participants. I was really hoping to meet you, blurry hands and all! ❤

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