Feel the Music

I was driving to meet my friend for our monthly coffee/tea, and heard this song. It was released in 2004, so around 2006 I heard it playing all the time. My mind began flipping through images and they weren’t all pretty, but I could see how far our life has come.

In 2008, I created an email address called abetterlife08. It was a Yahoo account and I named it that to keep those words in front of me while I worked. I can barely remember what happened two days ago, but I still remember sitting in the corner of that home office opening a Yahoo account and naming it abetterlife08. I was 10 years sober and life was better, but I didn’t recognize the man I was married to. When I think about that part of my life long enough, I can feel the tension that home office held.

In 2013 I exited that life.

Standing here in this little lake house 8 years later, I’m overwhelmed by God’s goodness and grace. Did it take 8 years Barb? No, I began seeing a better life the very first year, but it all began with believing there was one. Using that email address kept abetterlife at the forefront of my mind until the time was right to step into a better life.

6 thoughts on “Feel the Music

  1. First, may I say … thank you for that video – my Crushman, Keith Urban – he could sing the phonebook and make me and you and a whole lot of people happy. Second, thanks for the post and the hope (and the link) – we all need a better life in some way or another, and letting go of what doesn’t serve us is the first way to go get it. Cheers!

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    1. Lawd Yeeeessssss you may say! I’m in love with the feature photo and he could sing the phonebook and it would sound like bliss. Ditto on the mancrushing! Thank you my darling. It makes my soul soar that this resonated with you. ❤

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