Be Deeply Rooted

Be Deeply Rooted

I enjoy walking around the yard to see how things are doing. I’ve noticed when a plant needs help, it doesn’t look happy. I’ll investigate by sticking my index finger down deep into the soil to get to the heart of the matter.

That usually tells me what they’re getting too much of, or not enough of, which is typically too much water and not enough light. I have a real He-Man shovel. The thing feels like it weighs 30 lbs. all on it’s own, but I grab it and press the tip deep into the soil to scoop the plant up. That’s called getting to the root of the problem. 😂

I’ve also learned you want it to have massive roots. I’ll gently shake the excess dirt from the roots before replanting it. My daughter comes homes and notices a plant in a new location. She has watched me move a lot of plants all over the yard and says, “Where they’re planted isn’t permanent.My Daughter.

As long as they have roots they can live in any location, but time will tell if they can be happy there. You can flourish right where you are. Be deeply rooted.

5 responses to “Be Deeply Rooted”

  1. Love the metaphor. For me the environment is important. The wrong ground to try to root in, can be full of water stealing weeds. or there could be growth around a coach that know how to help flowers grow…Have a wonderful day!

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