The Perfect Cup

I’ve drank some sad coffee this week, and it was of my own making. One morning I made a cup of instant just to use the frother, and it was too strong. I misjudged the balance between the oat milk and grinds.

I moved on to the French Press, thinking I wouldn’t get it wrong, but there again it was bloody awful. I didn’t weigh the grinds and just took a wild guess, before placing them in the press. There was not enough grinds for the amount of water heated, so it poured out and resembled muddy water.

I had all the tools at my disposal for good coffee, and had received beans from three different coffee roasters. My daughter walked by the coffee bar and asked, “You got enough coffee?” My response was, “Yes my darling I’m trying to decide which one I like best, and have it narrowed down to two.”

This one resonates at the moment considering all the rude boys I’ve encountered while learning to date again.

Wild Gift Coffee, Austin, TX.

By Wednesday, I needed to savor a really good cup of coffee. This is when we go back to what we know, and I know the dripper will produce the perfect cup. I chose a cup from the coffee bar and measured the grinds and water specifically for that cup. That first sip was soothing and everything running through my mind for the day ahead melted away, as I embraced a moment of bliss.

It took constant practice to make what I classify as the perfect cup. I can’t control every part of my day, but I can control how it begins, and every step can lead to a sad cup or a perfect cup. Make it a priority and choose the perfect cup.

11 thoughts on “The Perfect Cup

  1. I am not a coffee drinker which is strange since my dad is and mom was. Dad is Jamaican and Mom was Colombian so in the mornings our house always smells of coffee perking. My husband is also a coffee drinker. I LOVE the smell of coffee in the morning while I try to make the perfect cup of tea lol.

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    1. Jamaican and Columbian? You lived in an amazing home for coffee! I’d love to have grown up smelling that. One of my very best friends drinks tea, and we meet up once a month. She sips her tea while I devour coffee. The perfect cup is different for everyone, but there’s nothing quite like when it stands up perfectly just for you. Much love to you Kat. ❤

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  2. I love coffee. (hot, cold, in the pot 9 days old) Especially love a good cup of freshly ground, dark roast. I am sorry you have had to deal with rude boys as you’ve re-entered the dating scene. I loath rudeness where ever it rears it’s ugly head. DM

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    1. Me too DM. I’ve never tried 9 day old coffee. It disappears in this house soon after it’s made. 🙂 Thank you but it’s all a reminder in the ‘don’t wants.’. I don’t think they believe they’re being rude, but I get to set the tone for what’s acceptable. Poor boys. 🙂

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