Feel the Music

Every time I listen to this song, I hear something different, but it holds the same message.

On the dating apps there’s a series of questions some want to go through. I answer them, but find myself not asking many in return. One man even asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” I replied, “Yes. Tell me who you are today.” That helps decide if they get a date.

It’s fun talking with my daughter about dating. She just turned 22, so the guys she’s talking with don’t have much of a past. They have so much life ahead of them to learn from. Some of the men around my age, or older are beat up by their past, and hesitant to try again.

I’m thinking about dating men younger than me, but not as young as my daughter. 🙂 By the age of 45 they’ve lived life, and have at least one divorce under their belt, but still have life in them. They haven’t let their past define them, instead they seem to know…

All the boats I’ve missed
All the hell I’ve caused
All the lips I’ve kissed
All the love I’ve lost
I got kicked around
I’ve been black and blue
On my way to you

If the video doesn’t show up, click here to view.

12 thoughts on “Feel the Music

  1. Love this post, the song, and what you ask these men – Who are you today? A great question. There’s nothing wrong with dating someone younger … there are people who’ve lived many lifetimes in 40 years and plenty who’ve yet to really live at 60. Go have your pick!

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    1. Right darling? I’m happy you have seen the same thing in your dating ventures. Then again, I know men younger than me who act a lot older. It’s a mystery, but I’m having fun sleuthing. Thank you lovely! Many blessings to you! ❤

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  2. It’s not the age of the man…

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  3. Cool song. That’s the thing with country music, many songs evoke thoughts. I think I might have mentioned a couple on my blog. Forever and ever, – Randy Travis or maybe Bad Timing by Blue Rodeo. I listen to the latter quite often and also their song 5 Days in May.

    Age is different. My Baba and Guido were 12 years different in age but dating was different in the 1930s. Baba used to say she was always 18 years old in her mind even when she was in her 80s.

    But some people are in their 40s in their 20s, and vice versa. Toss the calendar away, everyone just needs someone who sees and appreciates them, listens and laughs, and be a chair. Support when needed but doesn’t prevent you from being you, separate and apart.

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