In My Corner

We’ve been talking about creating spaces. Whether it’s wide open for an upcoming project, which may mean dismantling something you love, or an outdoor space to soak up nature and be available to whomever passes by. This corner was one of the first spaces created and the inspiration came from a Team member within my work.

In this spot you feel at ease, and there’s very little thinking required as the space stirs up creativity itching to be released. Some mornings I walk by it several times telling myself I don’t have time to enjoy it, but I’ve learned if I don’t sit there, my day suffers from not taking the time.

Nothing fancy. It’s literally a corner of the room.

But, it’s mine.

The chair is one of my favorite pieces, and it’s comfy to sit in, but not relaxing. That’s important because I don’t want to dwell there for long. I pour a cup of coffee or tea, place it on the window ledge and then sit in the chair to reflect on possibilities of the day ahead.

It takes about 30 minutes, and it varies each day. Sometimes I need to read, or simply jot down a few ideas, and at other times it’s a full on page of journaling to empty the mind. The ottoman is used to spread out inspiration bubbling up from within, or to prop my feet up if I woke up tired.

Do you have a corner? If not, let me encourage you to create one. The quality of the day begins in my corner.

10 thoughts on “In My Corner

  1. I love this reflection and have a few little “corners” of my own -a rainbow-coloured hammock in my garden, a garden chair on the patio, a “book nook” in the loft- but I hereby set the intention to use them more mindfully as of now! I will add a notebook and a pen and see what happens…

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  2. Now with me recently moving, eventually, I will have a room for peace, without tech.
    Although, as I live on my own, I can create my own peace anywhere. But when I have settled in, there will be a room for it. It will be used for different things on the basis of time out. But one strict rule for me. No tech.

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      1. Yes. Certainly and I can pick where I want, with it just me. But this one room, I will give myself that one room.
        The room will have 2 or 3 zones, depending how I choose to relax there.
        There will definitely be a corner on the floor with cushions.
        I will also do my Pilates in there.
        I may, or may not have a small space for crafts. That one I haven’t decided yet. I may choose that downstairs, in the dining room.

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