Let Them In

Let Them In

Sitting on my bench early this morning, taking in a view of the yard, I made mental notes of what needed to be done to help it along. I’ve surmised the yard is my happy place.

I’ve been wanting a place to sit outside and connect with the morning. The bench highlighted in my previous post offers that space. What I like about this space so far is, it can be used solitarily, or I can invite people in and it will expand. Connecting with all kinds of people expands our thinking, and the heart, but they need to be invited in.

I’m practicing letting people in, and it’s not a simple practice. I had a neighbor stop by yesterday and we didn’t really connect. The visit began with my daughter’s dog taking a nip at her leg, and it all just went downhill from there. At first I was discouraged over our visit, but then concluded, it’s going to take more practice.

Keep the door continually propped open.

People are meant to cross our path for a reason and sometimes a season, but it’s rare that they stay forever. The only requirement from us is to let them in.

10 responses to “Let Them In”

  1. Sometimes letting people in seems so easy. Others, not so much. Probably something we can learn from both if we look.
    A dog bite, however, even if a nip, may not always be the invitation you intended to give! LOL. (Although maybe your daughter’s dog just has very good judgment. 😊 )

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  2. Not everyone is meant to be our friends, and be forever our friends; and not every meeting will be fun; but keep trying. You are amazing and will attract amazing.
    A confession: There are some of my friends that I am tired of, and I wish they would take the hint 😦
    Wishing you a blessed weekend! ♥♥

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    • You’re the sweetest Ana! Not everyone is meant to travel our path for long distances, but I’m beginning to enjoy the ones who pop in and out. I learn so much from those brisk visits! People don’t take a hint very well nowadays, so they will hang around as long as I allow them to. Thank you as always my friend and many blessings to you!!! ❤

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