One Happy Day

Whenever I make a Chemex it makes me smile in more ways than one. I was thinking of an exchange I had with my daughter and it still brings a grin to my face during the first pour. I had told her, “I need a timer to count the first pour”, to which she cutely replied, “You can’t count to 30?” I know, she needs to treat me better. 😂

Standing by the window, that’s what comes to mind while making the Chemex, but then I noticed a miracle in the making outside the window. There’s a bowl of water sitting at the edge of the pebbled walkway, and mind you it’s been sitting there all summer. It was placed there for the birds, but I’ve only seen squirrels drink from it, until today.

Isn’t it pretty?

The birds finally found it, and it was a thrilling moment for all! I thought it was funny how it’s been sitting there for months, but this was brand new to them. It reminded me of how God has everything already lined up and waiting for us to realize it. I used to think I spent a lot of time waiting on God, but in reality He was more than likely waiting on me. Just because we haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t mean it’s not there waiting. (faith)

Like this bowl of water. It’s been sitting there waiting for them all summer long, but once they found it, that became one happy day.


8 thoughts on “One Happy Day

  1. So true. How long have the blessings and opportunities been there for us, in plain sight, before we stumble upon them. I think I’d LOVE your yard, Barb!Xx

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  2. This does look lovely, and I understand the excitement when an animal finally discovers something you’ve put there for them. Another thought for you and your bird friends – they also like shallow, wide containers (like you see in birdbaths), because they can stand in them safely and bathe, and refresh their feathers.

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  3. Hi Barb,
    I love everything about this post.
    From this: “I used to think I spent a lot of time waiting on God, but in reality He was more than likely waiting on me.”
    to the picture of the birds.
    It made me smile! Blessings to you! ♥♥
    ps. I am considering getting a Chemex because of you

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