Feel the Music

The stereo is dusty in more ways than one. I turned on some music this week for the first time since posting a Feel the Music two months ago. It was surprising to see that it’s been that long, but time seems to going by at warp speed. On Friday’s I look forward to the weekend and reclaiming some time.

Turning on the stereo, I changed the channel from country to random music to hear something lively. I was in the kitchen making brunch when I realized I could barely hear it and it needed to be a little bit louder. I did something monumental yesterday by changing the batteries in the stereo’s remote! 😂It wasn’t surprising they were dead because I couldn’t recall using the remote this year.

Stepping into the den, I picked up the remote and pressed volume up, just in time to hear this song begin to play.

I haven’t heard it in years, but my body remembered it and started dancing. In that moment the tiredness from the week was gone and I felt energized as I danced my way back into the kitchen to continue preparing my meal. Pretty soon I was singing and dancing which made me thankful to be home alone. The dogs didn’t seem to mind and continued on with their napping.

Sitting here this morning I see a need to use the remote control more often and dance. Turn the volume up and let your body feel the music.

If the video doesn’t show up, click here.


11 thoughts on “Feel the Music

  1. Yes, I like this song and some others of his.

    I have been keeping up listening to my music, since getting back into it.
    I have been listening to someone different and after liking the music I listened to on You Tube, I bought a couple of his albums – Adam Lambert. 🙂🎶

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      1. Yes, its nice getting back into it and I have been keeping it up since I have.
        Really love Adam Lambert’s music. I first came across him when he appeared in a few episodes of Glee. I thought, who is he? And so I googled him and then listened to some of his music, before deciding to buy both “Tresspassing” and “For your entertainment,” cd’s. 🙂

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