The Bottom of the Page

It’s still dark outside my window, and the house is quiet and still. I’ve already written my morning page, and I call it that because I only write one page. Julia recommends three pages of longhand, but that feels like an excessive amount. It’s more enjoyable to pull out one blank page and fill in the empty space. I’ve been noticing a certain feeling toward the page of the bottom.

The halfway mark has a satisfying feel to it, and once you get there, ‘it’s all downhill’ as they say. The pen glides back and forth across the page, making it’s way to the bottom. I always pause when there’s only enough room left for two lines to be written. How do I want the page to end? Sometimes I simply wish myself a remarkable day and sign off.

The page is not about what you write, it’s just asking to be written. It’s become my daily disciple before the day begins. A certainty to be relied upon in this uncertain world. For the past few days there’s a feeling of accomplishment, or completion when filling in the bottom. My soul is at ease at the bottom of the page.

4 thoughts on “The Bottom of the Page

  1. Barb, Thanks for another great blog entry about writing. I used to use a small writing journal, not an 8 1/2 x 11 page. I managed to fill up about 1 1/2 pages and that was it. Even on days where I had a lot of worries or concerns on my mind. so I’m with you on not necessarily sticking to three pages which seems like an onerous task. especially if there isnt anything particularly on my mind that I need to download. thank you again!

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    1. It’s my pleasure Pat and thank you for your kind words. I get that and struggled my best on a page just recently. I even wrote, “My mind is full, but the words aren’t falling to the page.” Everyday is different with these pages, and I believe that’s part of the great mystery they seem to hold. 💖


    1. I admire you even more than I already do for being about to scribble on over to 2 or 3 pages. When I first started the pages, I would force myself to do three, but that was torture! Working 2 part-time jobs, people start looking for me relatively early, and I always felt pressured to complete 3 pages before being found. That kinda took all the joy out of it. I’m happy with one, and once I decide to work less, back up to three it will be. It does drop you into the day! 💖


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