Feel the Music

This Feel the Music showed up on my Facebook memories, and my first thought was, “Has it really been 5 years since she brought the stereo home?” I haven’t used it much since receiving this little JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker for Christmas last year. This little guys gives off astounding sound, comes in various colors, will handle 12 hours of play, and it’s waterproof.

JBL Flip 5 beside a houseplant.

In the post Warrior, I mentioned trying my hand at house plants over the Winter and am pleased with the results. This week has been cloudy, so I’ve barely seen the sun, but just like plants, I’m happier with light. Scrolling through Spotify I came across Music for Plants, with a description of, “Mellow vibes for green leaves, green thumbs and green ears.”

This was Wednesday, and I wanted to calm my mind before joining an online workshop. To prepare for midday workshops, especially meditative ones, it’s helpful to keep coffee at a minimum that day, and take time beforehand to get centered. You’ll be more present during the workshop, and able to pay closer attention to what’s being taught, which makes the time spent worthwhile.

On the dating scene, one of my qualifying questions for men is, “Do you have any plants?” If they have happy plants, and enjoy taking care of them, they should know how to care for a human. It’s okay if they choose not to have plants, but it’s a red flag if they kill them. 😂

Northern Lights Nature Calling


8 thoughts on “Feel the Music

  1. I’m so happy you received the book. I’m a little behind keeping up with blog posts. My allergies have knocked me flat, which is unusual for me. I feel better, today. Maybe a lesson to appreciate my good health along with many other things. I do appreciate you. Love. 🤍

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    1. They are Ana, but even with pets there needs to be balance. Some men who have been single for a while, get a dog, and it’s like the dog serves as a replacement for another human. I’ve had men show up on dates with their dog, because they couldn’t bring themselves to leave it at home. Now, if every profile picture is of them and their dog, I swipe left. 😂 Thank you and many blessings to you for a splendid week!


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