The Writing Robe

I changed my WordPress theme again. My daughter was surprised to see a dark background, but it’s intriguing. What really snagged my interest is what it does to the photos. At first glance they look aged, similar to the old black and white, but hover your mouse, or finger over one and it refills with color.

It was cool in the house this morning, and I was thrilled to slide on my writing robe. Oh, I have lots of robes, but this one has been worn for years and well loved. It’s heavier than the other ones, but doesn’t weigh you down. The cooler temperatures in Texas are disappearing, so this was a treat.

I get most of my writing done in the morning while wearing this robe. Neighbors see me step outside to feed the birds, or walk to the mailbox to retrieve yesterday’s mail in pajama pants, house shoes, a t-shirt and the robe. A stranger may think I’m a meth head, but in my minds eye, I look like a Writer. Before they painted the house next-door, the builder came over and asked that I move my truck. It was a considerate ask, but I remember being disappointed that I had to put on real clothes and give up the robe.

You see, once it’s removed, I don’t put it back on that day.

It’s the same look every morning in the cooler months, but I recently realized I don’t have a writing robe for summer. I have a spa-like robe to use when stepping out of the shower, but it’s not a writing robe.

I began thinking of what feels good to wear in the warmer months, and I have this one jacket I could wear all day. It was designed by Honest Cotton for a friend of mine named Jordan, so it’s rightfully called, The Jordan Jacket. I bought mine last year while visiting with her, and it’s navy in color.

The Honest Cotton website shows they make a robe. I see two designed similarly, but different weights, so one’s for Fall, and the other for Spring. I wonder what it feels like to slip it on and if Jordan has one in her shop?

Let’s find out, shall we?

The Cotton Robe

To be continued…

PS. I’m not alone in my love for Robes. My friend LA, over at ‘Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50‘, shares her love for robes that you can read by clicking here.


8 thoughts on “The Writing Robe

  1. First, loving the WP theme and image change. Mine is so in need of upgrading; you may inspire me to get my butt in gear. Your post reminds me of how men wear smoking jackets – that’s what they’re there for, so why not a wonderful writing robe?

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    1. It’s simple to change and they have some new free ones to choose from. It’s fun to change it up. Each one gives not only a different look and feel, but options. Right, my darling? I’ve often felt the only thing missing from the ensemble was a pipe. Lol Thank you my friend. 🤗

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  2. Robes are so comforting. For me, the older, the better. I tend to wear a robe long past its pull date, to the point where it’s literally falling apart. When we had cats, I would then retire the robe to the cat’s bed, where she would burrow in it much as I had. I think robes come to hold the energy and spirit of the wearer. P.S.- I like your new theme.

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    1. I can see where cats would love a raggedy robe! Our cat tries to hop up on my lap while wearing it, and I’ve let him a few times, but now I have these snags as evidence. I’ll have to remember to save it for him. Absolutely love this Donna…”I think robes come to hold the energy and spirit of the wearer.” Thank you and much love to you. 💖

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