The Softer Side

I changed my WordPress Theme again, and will probably keep changing it until I find one the right one, so bear with me. My friend Jeanne over at Still a Dreamer messaged me saying she couldn’t find my previous posts. Taking a closer look I realized there was no footer, just endless posts. Thanks to Jeanne speaking up, I enabled the search feature in the footer.

While there, I changed my tagline, and I knew a change was coming, just didn’t realize it’d be so soon. My previous tagline came from a small poster I purchased locally almost a year ago. It hangs by the coffee bar as a reminder to, “Never settle. Don’t even think about it.” I was looking at it the other day and it’s safe to say I have that one nailed, because I’m still single! πŸ˜‚

One of my favorite women of the world was and still is Kate Spade. I have to be careful going down the Google rabbit hole because eventually I’ll start seeing some of her stuff. I love her style, it suits me, and Google knows it. I saw a quote by her recently, and this quote feels more like me.

The rabbit hole led to Etsy.

It’s softer and I want to nurture that softer side.

Considering I just went to the grocery store to purchase flowers, there is a softer side. I picked up a few groceries as well, but my main objective was flowers. I wanted to end my day by seeing flowers and start the day seeing flowers and who knows, a year from now maybe I won’t be single if I funnel some of the energy from being a strong woman over to the softer side.


23 thoughts on “The Softer Side

  1. I so get this Barb.
    Sometimes I feel I should have been born a man, as I feel too strong to be part of a couple. But the right man will get it and love me for it.
    I love the flowers and the idea of going to sleep and waking up to them.
    Blessings to you

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    1. I should have know that! You have such style and elegance about you. It’s a work in progress, but aren’t most things lovely? Lol Awww…You are the sweetest and the sentiment is mutual! πŸ’–

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  2. I hope you find a theme you like for your post and get it all set up so you like it. I haven’t changed my theme in a long time and it has search and categories but I never get any feedback (good or bad). I welcome feedback. I am searching for the right words and probably will stick both feet in my mouth, at once but here it is. You don’t need to change. I picked my wife because she is strong, stubborn (at times) but also has loving nature. She and I often disagree but that’s ok because we see things differently. After 42 years she lets me do things my ways on some things, and I do the same for her, on almost everything it seems. LOL But I don’t mind because mostly I want her to her way on most things because they aren’t important to me but they are to her. I digress – You can be soft, strong, opinionated and yourself and there is a strong man out there who will love that you can be strong and soft – both.

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    1. Well, David. This choked me up! Thank you, and I’ll keep looking. This theme is pretty close to what I like, but I’ve only just begun! I hadn’t received any feedback before either, until Jeanne spoke up. I was grateful, because the theme is for the readers’ as well as the writer.

      Your feet are planted firmly on the ground, and I don’t see it as change so much as letting that softer side reveal itself more often. It’s working because I’ve had a couple of men tell me recently that I’m ‘sweet’. I don’t get called that very often. πŸ˜‚

      You reminded me of this quote I saw the other day that said, “A strong man can handle a strong woman, but a weak man will say she has an attitude.” Thank you David. What your wife and you share inspires me.

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    1. Oh yes Liz…they are one of my very favorites this time of year and they are called the Hydrangea. They come in various pastel shades, but the most popular is white. It’s the one flower I’ve never been able to grow. I kill it every time, so I’m happy to buy them already cut. 😊

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  3. Well, thanks so much for the shout out, my friend. Happy to let you know what I see!
    I am quite sure that the exact right man will find you and see and appreciate all your sides when the time is exactly right. 😘

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  4. The new site looks great! You wrote: β€œTaking a closer look I realized there was no footer, just endless posts.” That’s my concern whenever I change my site around … making sure everything works the way it should. I’m overdue in giving my site a makeover … I guess this is my sign to change things up!!!

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    1. Thank you! Well, now everything is in blocks, so some of them you can add what you want to them, but they have changed from previous years. I encourage you to play around with them, but make a note of what theme you’re using, just in case you wish to revert back. It will tell you at the top of the page when you go into themes. Have fun with it!!!

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      1. Hahahaha….It’s normal for us to revert back to what we know, and there may not be one you like better, but at a minimum you can say, ‘I tried.’ You are welcome and thank you for sharing.

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