It’s Own Time

I bought a flat of impatient’s for the flower cart. It surprised the cashier when I sat the entire tray on the counter, and it surprised me too. I didn’t plan on planting many flowers this year, but plans change. The flower cart can hold a flat, or full tray, and they’re beautiful to see, but now I have 48 little impatient’s, patiently waiting to be planted. 😍

My God is sneaky. He knew I wouldn’t be able to look at an empty flower cart for long.

This week, I rearranged my bedroom, and moving the bed is always an adventure. It was pretty dusty under there, and I’ve written about it here. My daughter and I each have a long, rolling storage container for off season clothing under the bed. They had sat side by side with a small gap in between and captured all of the cat’s jingle balls. That’s a score!

Once the bed was moved, I had a semi empty wall. The artwork looked scattered, so I moved two pieces to fill the empty spaces. It all lined up perfectly, so I could see that was not my doing. On my best day I couldn’t do that, without scattering holes over the wall. This was seamless and took no effort. It’s like they’re resting on an invisible wall length shelf.

Local artist Rachel Brown. 💖

The wall of art gives an immediate feeling of calm and centered. I could add more art above this row, but that’s how it is with me. God lays it out perfectly, and I want to tweak it, but this time there’s nothing to tweak. And Dawn, when you read this you’ll know, the wall of art we spoke about in our letters, fell into place all in it’s own time.

From the post, ‘Just Say Yes.‘ Artist ~ Mrs. M

5 thoughts on “It’s Own Time

  1. I love that you will be having a flower cart full of flowers – I can’t wait to see the pictures.
    Speaking of pictures, I love your 2 frames. The emus make me smile and “Say Yes” makes me want to embrace life.
    Blessings to you!


    1. It truly is the key! I have to stifle that child in me that says, “…but God….I want it now!” Thank you lovely. I just thought the mirrored frame would add to the amusement of the Emus. My daughter still winces a little when I release my blingy side, but I love sparkle. 😊Wasn’t that the absolute best? It wasn’t planned by us, but it occurred divinely. 💖

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  2. Isn’t it lovely when things flow like this?
    Soon I also have to be thinking about getting some flowers for my porches. We still have some very cold weather coming, and I’m not yet in the planting mood, but it’s always worth the wait, is it not?

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