The Second Half

Last week I posted a series of memes on FB about aging. I want people over 50 to be excited about the second half of life. One of my walking routes through the neighborhood takes me by a couple of old Ford trucks that have been cared for. They’re gorgeous, and I think about my truck being considered a classic one day.

My neighbor is older than me, and he’s my life mentor. When I’m perplexed about the best way to fix, or do something, he’s my Guru. He shares what he would do, and then has several suggestions on what not to do. I tell him all the time, “You know everything!” He chuckles and says, “No Barbara…I’ve just been here longer.” In the book I’m writing, he’s called Hercules, and there’s a chapter entitled, “A Hammer, Screwdriver and some duct tape”, filled with his wisdom.

The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.

Andy Rooney

I love a clean truck, and growing up, we hand washed our cars. I’ll still hand wash my truck, but it’s too hot outside to be enjoyable, so I’ll run him through a carwash. Hercules has a Ford F150 older than Steve, (my trucks name) and he takes it through the Glide carwash. When I ask, “What are you doing today Hercules?”, he’ll say, “Today we ride the Glide Barbara.” He loves that carwash, so one day I took Steve.

This carwash felt like walking through a hurricane. It’s powerful, and I told Hercules I couldn’t ride the Glide after it almost ripped one of Steve’s sideview mirrors off. He said, “Don’t you fold them in?” I said, “Yes, but the force of the wash popped it out and bent it backwards!” This is when he realized a girl drives this truck. Hercules, would have shrugged it off while reattaching the mirror with duct tape.

I found a more gentle car wash for Steve and drive him through regularly. He’s 14 years old, and at the stage where things give out, and parts are replaced, but fortunately he hasn’t let go of anything major.

I’ll be 58 this October, and to some that sounds old, but I’m excited. Everything we learned in the first half, can be applied to the second half, and by refining our experiences we get to do it right in the second half.

11 thoughts on “The Second Half

  1. I just love the positivity of this post, Barb. It’s the essence of“the best is yet to come.’ Thanks so much. And … I love the quotes and memes. So, so true.
    We have a car wash here in town – sounds like the Glide, and you have to stay in the car. For me, it’s like a bad amusement park ride, so like you, whenever I get the chance, I take it to another one a distance away, where the staff takes loving care of her (Baby Grey). 😊

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    1. Thank you Jeanne. A bad amusement park ride is an accurate analogy! Yes lovely…I believe our ‘being knocked around’ days were in the first half. 😊 Loving care is where it’s at! Love baby Grey. ❤️


  2. I am so glad you are excited about your age. It is contagious. I have been down about turning 56, but I will look it with a positive eye.
    I hope you and Steve have a very long relationship, and that he treats you as gently as you treat him 😉

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  3. I love your phrase: “Everything we learned in the first half, can be applied to the second half, and by refining our experiences we get to do it right in the second half.” I’m counting on that being true for me! At least that’s how I plan to approach things!!! Ha, ha!

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    1. Hah. I cannot take the credit David. My daughter has named every vehicle we’ve driven. Before Steve, I drove a Ford Explorer she named Betsy, and she calls her Jeep ‘Garlic’, for her love of the bulb. 😂

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