The Plant Wipes

My daughter stood in the doorway and said, “Your room has such a vibe since adding that plant.” I agreed, and a couple have been added to her room, but she’s been forewarned “If you come home one day and your room is my new studio, you stayed gone too long.” πŸ˜‚

Hill Country Water Gardens began as an Artist date, but now it’s routine for immediate inspiration. I’ve written about it here, and it’s my happy place, but instead of looking for flowers for the yard, I discovered the magical, massive greenhouse filled to the brim with houseplants. That’s where the plant wipes were stacked as a display and just seemed like they would add value to my life and the plants.

You saw the smallish Fiddle-leaf Fig in the post, The Plant Stand, and that one is doing so well, I purchased a larger version for my bedroom. I don’t know if you noticed the tree in the feature photo of Queen of Everything, but that’s Jordan’s Fiddle-leaf Fig. They’ll get huge if you let them. The leaves are large, but I noticed over the weekend they love to collect dust. Well, that simply won’t do.

I brought the plants wipes home, opened the container which was reminiscent of baby wipes. Pulled one out, laid a leaf in my hand, and wiped the entire surface. I started at the top and worked my way down, one leaf at a time. The wipe began turning black, revealing evidence of dirt from each leaf. I’d discard it, grab a fresh one and keep wiping. It was a meditative experience.

I learned things about the plant being that close up, and they say working with your hands is food for the soul. Maybe that’s why I’m happiest in the yard with dirt covered hands. As you can see, there’s no dirt on this plant thanks to an odd little item we’ll remember as the plant wipes.


7 thoughts on “The Plant Wipes

  1. I refuse to buy plant wipes (should I come across any), lol, but I must say I am intrigued by them and can see how satisfying it must be to tend to the leaves up close like that. I went forest bathing a while ago, and we were encouraged to touch leaves and look at things up close. Little kids do this instinctively, of course. I wonder when we unlearn this…

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    1. Awww….c’mon now lovely. This is how I keep myself entertained! It was a soothing experience indeed and they are composed of wood pulp, purified water, glycerin and cinnamon extract, so the smell of cinnamon is a treat for the senses. My daughter read this post and joked, “So we’re down to buying plant wipes now!?”

      I want to go forest bathing Louisa! To open up our sense of wonder! We do tend to lose that over time, but we were designed to always look at life with childlike wonder. You know, at a glance I can see new growth at the top of this plant I was wiping down, but you want to know where I saw major growth? Inside, among the branches. πŸ’–

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