The ‘Ber Months

I feel we’re on a downhill slope with the triple digit temperatures. I’ve been telling my daughter, ‘This is the last month. We just need to get through August!” As this is being written, we’re halfway there as I still hold an obscene amount of gratitude for air conditioning.

The other day, I spotted a candle in a cabinet from last Christmas and lit it immediately. For a little while the house smelled like frosted pine and relieved my senses of what season we’re really in. Then I received an email from Voluspa announcing the release of their Spiced Pumpkin Latte candle and that was a quick an easy order. Let’s hope FedEx doesn’t leave the shipment on his truck overnight like last time, or it will be the consistency of a latte. 😂

Voluspa Spiced Pumpkin Latte

I’ve haven’t thought about it until recently, but my favorite months of the year end with ‘ber’. I’m not the sort of soul to wish away time, but any temperature less than 100 degrees sounds downright chilly! If you’re enduring the heat as we are in Texas, just hold on my darlins, cooler is coming. Until then we can ruminate on the ‘ber months.


12 thoughts on “The ‘Ber Months

  1. We are looking at a couple 108s this week and smoke from a fire, just another summer day in NorCal….but at least we haven’t had the 114,115 of last year! Yes, the Bers are looking better and better each year. (Not too fond of the uary’s though)

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    1. I can see that. We are ‘ber’ buddies. 😁 There’s a link underneath the photo, but I haven’t ordered it before, just so you know. Volupsa has never disappointed my senses, so let’s hope they don’t start now. 💖

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  2. We are just over our last heatwave again. It should be cooler from today. I don’t mind hot weather. But not ridiculously hot. The heatwave affected me badly last time. But only affected me a little this time.
    I hope your temperatures come down to a comfortable level for you.

    Candles, I think are nice to use anytime for a lift. Yours sound lovely.

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