One Can Hope

Standing at the kitchen sink, staring out the window I see God took care of one more thing in my life today. There’s a Bougainvillea hanging under one corner of the house, in hopes it will grow it’s way up onto the roof. It has a couple of long branches reaching that way, but this morning they had drooped from lack of water. It’s on my morning rounds with the watering hose.

After giving it some water I came in the house and started work. I didn’t give the Bougainvillea another thought until now. It soaked up the water and the long branches are tucked up under the roof again. I think it would be beautiful to have Bougainvillea blossoms all over the roof. I don’t know if that will happen, but that’s what came to mind when I hung it there.

God probably has something better in store, but I’m doing my part by keeping it watered. It’s in the right place for endless possibility, but we’ll have to wait and see what transpires. As I walk away from the window back to my desk I smile and think, one can hope.

We plan, but God decides.

Proverbs 16:9

9 thoughts on “One Can Hope

  1. A friend of mine had a variation on that last line, usually trotted out after something went awry – “Man plans, God laughs.” That worked, too. LOL
    I really like this theme, Barb, that color switch – what’s the name?

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  2. I love the message here Barb!
    That is what I keep believing. I will continue doing my part: working hard, helping others, having faith and God will handle the rest.
    Like you, I also believe that our thinking and dreaming is often too small compared to what God has in store for us.
    Thank you for the message and blessings to you!

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