The Letter Opener

The coffee bar was loved by my daughter and me. We know a variety of ways to create a cup of the magical brew, so beans and gadgets deserved a dedicated space. When she moved out, I sent half of it with her. She took her favorite parts and left mine with me, so there was a lot of empty space.

Sitting in my corner, I look at the table to my right, and its contents describe me. It’s where I sit most mornings after my walk to enjoy that first cup of the day. I’ve been trying to take a picture of this item lying in place, but it’s so shiny it confuses the camera. My corner is also where I sit to read letters from friends, so that’s where the letter opener resides. I never knew I needed a letter opener until I met Dawn.

Dawn mentioned in one of her letters that she sat down with her letter opener and a nice cup of tea to read mine. “That’s the proper way,” she said. I didn’t have a letter opener, but Google could locate one for purchase. An online search revealed one made by Reed & Barton, and that seemed proper to me. The box it came in was so elegant it was difficult to leave it out of the box. Every time I’d use it, which took time to learn the proper way, I’d put it back in the box. Once I started receiving letters more frequently, the box found its home in a drawer, and the letter opener became a tool of everyday life. My daughter told me not to leave it laying by the front door. “If someone broke in, it would be like handing them the weapon,” she said.

The camera wasn’t sure what to focus on.

My gratitude is overwhelming for the souls who add light to my path with letter’s written and received. The love shines as brightly as the letter opener.


8 thoughts on “The Letter Opener

  1. The photo shows much about you. The window looking out at your plants, the candle, coffee, books and, of course, your elegant letter opener, all authentically you. The only thing it doesn’t show is your generous spirit. I am blessed to be your friend. 🤍

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  2. I love the idea of creating a special place to start the day. I have a small desk in an out of the way corner – not the desk I work at normally – where I like to write. I’ve never owned a letter opener, but you get me thinking I need one, it rings to a different time.

    Here’s where I need help. I write regularly to my mother and occasionally to my children (I’m sure they cringe since they’re so used to chat/text features on their phones). I get enjoyment from letter writing, but my handwriting has definitely gone down hill. I’ve always had distinctive penmanship — see below, a link to the blog where I wrote about my poor handwriting — but it definitely has gone down hill. I’m sure it’s challenging for others to read. Any suggestions? Oh, the first world problems. In any event, a lovely blog. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you Brian…I have spots scattered throughout my home that call for their own moment. A favorite chair to curl up in and read a book. A tea cart that holds a variety of tea and everything you need right there to make a cup. I like that you have a desk tucked away for enjoyment, and I highly recommend the letter opener. It exemplifies the sound of paper. If you do start using one, you’ll wonder how you ever opened an envelope without it.

      I’m certain they don’t cringe. A hand-written letter is a gift from the heart. If I receive one that offers a challenge to read, I just take my time with it and make out as many words possible. It’s the time spent from the person who wrote it that I’m holding in my hand and it’s worth it. Your handwriting is not poor, it’s unique. Thank you for leaving the link and inquiring. I read that post and left a comment there, but I had no problem reading your handwriting. If you love doing it then by all means continue. My guess would be your family members have saved every letter you’ve sent.

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      1. You are welcome and just like with anything else we want to be good at Brian, it takes practice. That’s another reason I write letters and the morning pages is to stay in practice. Thank you for your kind words. My favorite place to just be is outside, on the bench, with a fire in the pit. That season is on the way!


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