Worth the Risk

Walking to the mailbox, notecards in hand, I slid them into the box. My hand reached over to the side, and pulled the red flag up so it’s standing straight up in the air. The mail lady will lower it when she replaces my mail with hers and I’ll know the mail has run for another day.

I sat at the kitchen table watching through the window as it rains, trying to focus on work but am soothed by the sound. When it was time for a break I snapped a photo of additional items used in letter writing. I’m mildly obsessed with this black tray with gold handles, so it worked well for photo purposes under cloudy skies and low light. Writing a letter goes back to what Dawn so eloquently stated in the first post.

We learn much about another person through a written letter. The penmanship, the color of the ink, type of writing instrument, stationary and even the stamp all are clues to the individuality of the writer.

Dawn from Aging With Grace

Find a piece of paper that feels good to write on, or make your own. One of my letters received was written on a piece of paper my friend turned into stationary using her artistic flair. Whatever type paper that feels good to you, choose it for your letter. Sometimes Dawn uses a fountain pen, but we’ve come to the conclusion I need more control than that offers. She uses a rubber stamp that imprints her address on the front of the envelope in a circle formation. We both write in cursive, but my choice of ink is purple, or teal. The majority of my writing papers, notecards and supplies come from a small, family owned company called Letter Seals.

Stamps for wax seals by Letter Seals.

We each have our own style and the fun part is finding it. Writing a letter is like having a one-sided conversation, but it feeds the heart like no other writing. For this writer it will always be worth the risk.

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6 thoughts on “Worth the Risk

  1. For the first year of the pandemic, I wrote notecards incessantly. Now, I write maybe one a month, which I didn’t consider a loss until reading these posts of yours. I thonk I’d like to get back into this (delightful) habit. 💚

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  2. I am inspired by both you and your collection of letter stamps. I was wandering through a store a while ago and saw a card I thought you would like. I’ll walk up to the town center and mail it this week. I’m jealous of the mailbox at the edge of your drive! I would love to see the red flag telling me I have mail.🤍

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    1. Thank you lovely. You’re the sweetest and you inspire me to be better today than yesterday. I’m excited to see what card spoke to you and I just dropped you a letter in that mailbox this morning. I’ve lived most of my life walking to the post office, so having a mailbox out front is golden and like you, I believe the red flag is magical. 💖

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